LEO LEO LEO... looks like HIVE is becoming LEO

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Not working consistently


Not working consistently


Not enough information!

Now here's the kicker:




Even during the hard fork I was getting QUICK, CLEAN, and CONSISTENT login and refresh rates. This is during HF24!



I'm starting to ask myself.. am I blogging for HIVE or LEO now? It's starting to look like a Hive-Tribe is out maneuvering Hive itself! Now I have been blogging for a while including for LEO tokens. I sold off my HOLDing for a bit only to be bit in the arse because it did so well. I guess all I can say is live and learn. I know what I'll be HODLing this time around.

Consistent results mean a better run, better planned business model. At least I can say I didn't jump on the bandwagon and I congratulate LEO for having vision and only hope for more success. Perhaps LEO should take over the chain ;)

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LEO is a pretty successful project no doubt.. but it's just one of many running on the blockchain... Weedcash is getting ready to become another LEO.. Actifit is rising.. js

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I forget to post my weed pics.. and I forget to post after I smoked it heh

Oh bite me, there will be no Leo without Hive, there can be a thousand Leo's through Hive, but there can only be one Leo through Leo. However, I get what you mean, Leo being at the forefront shows us how this thing can be done right and consistent result can only mean better run up.

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Hive is becoming a utility token to run Layer 2 IMO..but why should I bite you lol

Hive is becoming a utility token to run Layer 2 IMO

When you say it like this, does it mean the price value of Hive will inevitably slowly drain away? I doubt it, By the way Eth is also a utility token but look at its price(okay i think this is irrelevant)

Personally i feel if any community or tribe wants to replicate what is going on Leofinance, the first point of attracting new users will be by acquiring Hive, tons of it, to give users a valuable incentive, then next point will be hooking the front end up with Ad revenue before other things.

Imo hive is presently way undervalued, are people scared to replicate what is going on Leofinance? Or they probably lack the initiative, Cuz i feel its so simple, with a ton of Hive power, perhaps they just don't know what is going on.

Imagine if 10 external already established communities decide to go the Leo way through Hive, these current prices of Hive will be long gone.

Is Hive undervalued? Perhaps.. I'm hoping so! I'm not ragging on HIVE.. if anything I hope Hive is worth more than LEO.. this is what I'm talking about in my blog. A little frustration, not to take away from LEO's good moves.

Lol sorry i said that because you compared Hive to Leo.

PeakD is working fine for me now that set nodes to auto and upgraded keychain.

How do I set my node to auto? I'm using the hive keychain extension.

In peakD Settings.

LEO is better.

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I’m currently receiving the wheel of death on hive-engine. WTF?? It’s been like that for 5 days. Thankfully I have LEO.

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