Since I joined BRO..250%

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The man cave, BRO.. it was something of a refuge. But then... I bailed. And I'm happy I bailed. I had to deal with the... Covid.

So I felt the itch.. that itch.. to come back. Look at what has happened. It become swarming with many of the most baddass Hive dwellers-known.

It's like waking up to a different reality. The big boys.. the Bro's.

In order to be a Dragon you got to order yourself 1000 of these. Now to become a BRO Dragon has gotten exponentially higher.

Derp.. it will cost you 5 Hive to 1 BRO with only about, "Did you not burn 2000 tokens that were for sale at five HIVE?"

Because we have some nice and weird chicks coming in as well. I guess we are the badass nerds of the web 3.0.

Some sick conversations, so revelatory. Most of all.. non apologetic. It will be hard being a bro now.. but there's still some time left.

Currently BROFUND holds

30K HP

But in Hive Engine it's a totally different setup.

You can look closely yourself. I'm just here for the info..

So BRO is 5 Hive now. Not too many left either.. hmmmmmmmmm

I just bought 5 more.. FOMO FOMO FOMO POST

Something fixed in limited supply.. Looks like this is it boys.


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I fomo’d. And I’m glad I got myself in a bit earlier.