LeoFinance and Hive - Check new content, comment, upvote, follow and repeat

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One of the activities that I like to do on LeoFinance and Hive blockchains is check the new content created. From the fetched posts I read the title and the short description that comes with it and if is of interest to me, I opened that into a new browser tab for reading. I look briefly over the post to see if it is long enough and if it has structured and good information.


Next step is for me to deep dive into the post and read it carefully in order to get some use out of it. I try to look over new things that I haven't tried before and which could add value to me and also new ways of income. Secondly there are my usual subjects on hive gaming, cryptocurrency news, stocks investments or other financial information that I regularly read about. This are forming the common topics that I read and try to keep them in my sight to be able to take action in timely manner.

Once I've fully read the articles, I can finally conclude if the quality and value brought by the presented information is what it was promised within the title and short description. If so I try to comment on it either to get more clarity or simply show my gratitude for sharing something that can benefit me as well. At the same time I try to bring my own vision if there is something controversial or a topic in which I am involved as well and I know what I am talking about.

Finally if the information is of great interest I usually vote for the post with my full power . While I do that I still limit my activity to up to around 20 posts a day in order to allow the voting power to get back near 100%. Adjacently to this I decide also if to follow or not the writer, in most cases I do because I previously filter before reading if that is worth my time. Beside this, there are regular writers that I seek each day to see if they brought new content, read it and do all the above.

This is my way to approach the content on LeoFinance and Hive and I like the new posts as those are like fresh bread out of the oven. Not only that but I might find some gems before others and be able to react in timely manner.

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