2 ways to invest in crypto without being worried all the time



Have you ever wondered why countries have reserves?

About two months ago, I started an internship program in a government hospital in Nigeria and I didn't have a place to stay for almost 2 days.
Then a friend of mine somehow got a place and told me about the place and because I had no choice but to stay there.

The place had no water flowing in the rooms, however, there was a way to get water.
It was either I went to the big reservoir downstairs or I get a reservoir and pay someone to fill it up.

I chose the latter option and paid someone and I almost always had water despite the situation of things.

After about two weeks, I got my own accommodation in a place where people claimed to be flowing with milk and honey.

There was water flowing in the rooms, there were no rats disturbing and it was closer to the hospital.

I was happy and I couldn't contain myself.

I moved in two weeks after getting the accommodation and started staying there. It felt very beautiful and I didn't have to pay someone as the water was flowing in the bathroom.

This made me even happier!!

There was no need to store water. Anytime I needed water, it was just a matter of going to the tap and I get water.

On one faithful morning, I woke up very late rushing for work. I rushed into the bathroom, only for me to turn on the shower, and I didn't feel my body getting wet.

No water!!!!!

I was almost losing my mind. I was in shock. How could this happen today of all days?

I had to find a way to get water and I was rescued by the water that comes from the air conditioner.

I quickly had a bath and went off to work.

Days later, I experienced the same thing and all I could think of was getting back my reservoir.

What does this story tell us?


Many a time people believe things without verifying. They hear crypto is paying very well, they jump on it.

Another time they hear it's the stocks market and they have put their money without proper underground work.

Can you guess where this lands them?

Most times than not they end up in a mess. They end up getting rekt massively.

I remember a friend who would jump on any signal and any high-paying defi, after 2 weeks he was down to zero.

What am I trying to say?
Information is good but verifying and researching is better. Never go to where you do not have knowledge.

The second moral of this story is the importance of having a reserve or a back pool of funds.

You must have heard that savings never make anyone rich but it prevents you from going to level zero.

Are there ways to save and still make money from what you save?
The answer is a big YES.

First, you can decide to store your money in stable coins and earn interest on it.

You might say the interest is small but I can tell you one thing for sure that it is better than nothing.

Your money is being put to work no matter how little it is.

Hive back dollar, Tether US dollars, Binance US dollars are stable coins that don't fluctuate so much save HBD.

There are a lot of projects that give interest for keeping stables.

Binance offers approximately 1.8% interest for saving BUSD and USDT.
Celsius offers up to 8% on saving these stables.

Here on the hive blockchain, if you save hive back dollars you could be getting up to 10% interest annually.

You could also stake in stable farms like USDT-BUSD pool and get another coin that has the potential to skyrocket based on the soundness of the project. My best bet is #cub, cake, and some really good ones.

To get on the cub platform, just go to http://cubdefi.com in your in-app wallet browser and connect it to your wallet.

Read about the project and you will see the soundness of the project.

Thank you for reading my post.

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This is wonderful. Never go to a place you have no knowledge of! Did you really bathe with the AC water?


I was thinking you were going to illustrate this writing using the fact that you paid someone to fill your reservoir for you in your previous place.

Well, it's not bad because I got to learn I ain't supposed to jump into everything I hear about

Doing my due diligent is very important, most importantly, I need to learn to appreciate the power of reserve

Hive gives a good return on HBD and I tried saving a few days ago and it was breathtakingly taking a good effect on my Brain

I mean waking up every morning to see my HBD move from 1 to 3 to 5 because I consistently moved each one that pays out to my savings

I am hurt to say that something came up and I had to remove them from my savings

But I must tell you excitedly that the experience was different.... I saw 15HBD as compared to other days where I usually take 2, 1 or 2.5HBD and it wouldn't be worth alot

My 15HBD was worth so much, I was so proud of myself

This encouraged me to save more, and I am doing it again.... Currently, I am having 4.339HBD..... with time it will increase

I will have to look into the other savings you discussed especially the other stable coins as well

PS: I saw your gift(the hive you sent).... thanks, I appreciate it 🤗☺️

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Things usually happen and the most important is having a way of getting funds without touching the reserve.

Anyways, I hope you are able to save as much and more in the future.

Thank you once again for stopping by.