How to partition your crypto portfolio? An easy guide for beginners



Have you always wondered how to invest in cryptos without being subjected to massive fluctuations?

A lot of us on hive don't even have a clue of how to multiply the little we get from the hive ecosystem.

I remember talking to a friend and she said she never saw herself going to fun places as she wanted to save most of her salary.

I didn't like the idea as she chose to suffer and didn't see a possibility of investing and getting better returns and still having fun.

Story story

Once upon a time,...

Back in 2020 when the pandemic hit hard on us and there was nothing to do asides from expecting it to be over.

I was really sad cos I was terribly broke.

And when I say broke, I mean every part of the word.

I decided to start hive after abandoning it for a year. It happened that I got a lot of love and support from every community I got involved in.

I was able to gather some capital and started investing and made over 2000 dollars from zero.

Till today, I am living in the decision I made to join hive as I have made so much diversification in my funds and it has reshaped my financial world.

Enough of the story

You must have heard of the cycle of becoming rich. A simple cycle that anyone should follow. The cycle has three parts,

  1. Make money
  2. Keep money
  3. Invest money

The first and second parts of the cycle will most likely help you pay your bills and most time keep you out of debts. The third part is what makes people rich.

But there is a catch, the third part can take away the result of the two or it can make you stinkingly rich.

Wrong investment is the key to being broke as fast as possible.

If I am lying ask those who invested all their money on a coin that went to zero. They will be the best to explain this to you.

Investing can be beautiful when it's in your favor and can be really bitter when it's against you and this is why every and anyone should know what they are doing before playing the game of investment.

Crypto is a lucrative place to invest in but do you think it is very safe? the answer is NO.

For this particular reason, I tell people that crypto is a moderate to high-risk venture and if you are investing in it, it should be allocated the funds for moderate to high-risk investment

I also tell people that no matter the attachment it is you have towards a certain project, you have to know which one is moderate and the one that is high risk.

Once you do this, you have put the destiny of your finance in your hands.

Do I need to say that you will also have enough sleep without bothering that your crypto will sink your asset?

I am attached to hive and I feel the hive blockchain is a sound project.

No matter the amount of attachment, it falls into moderate risk investment for me automatically and I invest 35% of my money into it at the right time.

I am sure you have heard of people that are rich today and poor tomorrow.

the reason is simple!

It's not because crypto is volatile. It's simply because they didn't partition their portfolio for investment well.

In summary, your funds will only behave the way they have been partitioned by you. Allocating them the right way might not make you get there fast but it will definitely keep you in the game to be a winner.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.


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