BroFi - May 1st to June 20th Data analysis.

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A very good morning to everyone reading this post . It has been a while since we looked at BroFi data so today sit back , relax and enjoy this data analysis post .


For those who don't know what BroFi is -

BROFI is hive's very own on-chain DEFI project where you can earn BRO for delegating either Hive, or your tribe tokens to @brofi. There is zero risk to this because of DPOS. You will always own your tokens, you will never send any into us, only delegate them to us, and you can remove that at any time if you aren't happy or have something else you want to do with them.

Here is the link to the announcement post

Right now 27 tokens have been delegated to @brofi .

Now let us look at some data related to BroFi

Current delegations to @brofi

TokenAmount delegated to @brofi

Note: The following data is from May 1st to June 10th

Daily BRO dividends


More or less same amount of BRO dividends everyday for this period except for May 8th ( there was a double payment on this day , that's the reason it is almost double than the remaining days ) .

Average BRO dividends - 14.44 BRO
Median - 14.26 BRO

But you can also observe that there has been a slight increase in the payments when you compare beginning of May with beginning of June . Almost 1 BRO per day increase can be seen.

Quoting our developer @taskmanager

Brofi automatically adjusts for more delegations, so more delegations means more income, means more BRO purchased each day means increased daily payouts. It just takes a bit to balance out if a large delegation arrives at once.

Number of unique users receiving BRO from @brofi


On May 1st 336 users got BRO dividends and on 10th June 348 . We are seeing an increasing trend when it comes to number of unique users who are delegating as well as receiving BRO .

Top users who are receiving BRO everyday .


Well this is for 40 days , @nuthman leads the chart , so he is receiving more than 1.5 BRO per day for his delegation .

This is his current delegation status to @brofi - 25,069 HP and 460 LEO.

Didn't see your username in the list? Don't worry I will share the link to the charts at the end so you can search for your username

Top performing tokens

This tells us for which particular delegation most BRO was paid out etc .


Totally during this period 591 BRO was paid out .

  1. Hive forms the majority for which 50% BRO was paid out .
  2. LEO comes next .
  3. STEM , NEOXAG , CTP , CINE follow with considerable BRO payouts.

All together

This is the link to the dashboard - you can filter , check the data based on your account etc but please see how to play with the data below I have showed demo through GIFs.

Filter based on Token


  1. If you have delegated only Hive and want to see only that particular data then just click on Hive. It filters all other charts based on Hive . You can also select particular date or dates too and it will filter accordingly .
  2. You can select multiple tokens at once . If you have delegated say LEO and STEM then choose them both . To deselect just click anywhere else on that chart .

Filter based on date


This is pretty straight forward , select one or more dates to view the data . Note that if you want to select 2 or more then press CTRL and then select .

Filter based on user

This is what you will love the most according to me .


So just click on your username in the tree map ( if it is visible)

  1. Once you select , you will see the daily payments in the top left bar chart .
  2. In the middle chart it will show your delegated tokens and the amount of BRO received for those tokens .
  3. In the right side chart you can see how much total BRO you have received during this period ( May 1 to June 10th )

If your username isn't visible , as I have shown in the gif -

  1. Deselect All
  2. Type your username and check it
  3. Click on the box

That's it for now , will be back with another analysis post tomorrow .

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Very nice statistics. Glad to see the project is doing great.

It is also helping a lot token prices as now when I do not know what to do with a community token I am not 100% involved in, I delegate it to you and earn some nice BROs !

Thanks for that.


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That's the perfect strategy :)

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@brofund! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @honeysaver.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/20)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 61 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


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@brofund, you were given LUV from @vlemon. About:

It's great to see that BRO is still growing and thriving! Nice job. I am glad that I was able to pick up a little bit of it a while ago. It isn't much, but it gives me some returns, so that is cool!

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Over time it all adds up and provides great returns .

That's the beauty of these drip tokens because even if one of the tokens increases in price , the holders benefits greatly from it .

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Its great to see brofi doing quite well. I delegated over a few tokens and I am also getting some BRO everyday. Its not much but I think I am still only getting SIM but hopefully it will change over the coming weeks/months.

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That's nice to hear .

You need around 4-5 BRO to receive all the tokens I suppose .

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Growing slowly. Right now I think I almost have 0.3 BRO and I think I get a few other tokens from time to time.

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Thanks for the info, and I' sure we can double the number of users... 600 should be the target.

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I don't see why that can't happen . It is a matter of time according to me :)

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Numbers are awesome. Keep compounding ;)

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You should get RSD tyler on hive, I still think it'd be awesome to have a respectful non-misogynist pick up community here lol Imagine the content of their successes and failures. Does that fit on BRO?

Nice statistics. Project really doing well. Would be nice to see how it grows overtime. Keep building

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