The market looking so bearish, hug a crypto hodler, save a life!!

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This morning i woke up to a very bad news as i see my portfolio draining with the speed of light, i checked on my social media and see other crypto hodlers and traders lamenting as well, it is indeed a sad day for the hodlers, the bear set in... The fact that the little bull run make many millionaires but with the sudden downtrend, some people can become more poorer than they were before joining crypto, some may end up even losing everything...

Some people are used to this kinda dip since they have been into crypto for a longtime and they know how it works but for some people who just got invited by friends to earn money during the bull run that ended up putting more money than they can afford to lose, i really don't know the state of mind they will be right now but definitely depression have set in but it will only make them stronger.

The market looking so bearish, some are saying buy the dip, buy the dip, some follow the advice and buy the dip only for the dip to become deeper, more depression set in! Bitcoin is on a downtrend and the alt also follows, some alt that never spike during the bull run join the movement downward...

All the alts looking bearish, when is the bear market going to end and what lead to this, i heard some gist about bitcoin getting dumped by top hodlers, not sure if it is true or just a rumour

My advice to hodlers is not to panic and dump your bags, hodl tight!, hodl the line, whatever goes up must come down and whatever comes down can still go up, this is just a test of faith, stay strong and we shall survive this bear season!

If you knw a trader or crypto hodlers, Hug them right now as it will go a long way ...... Bags are dipping, heart is bleeding..!

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Lol. It's very funny. I don't really feel much pained with the drop in crypto. I am not that new in crypto maybe that's why but also because most of my crypto holdings is on Hive.

I am very comfortable holding Hive during the dip and highs because I don't just hodl them, but I utilise them. I engage with friends, and help others with my vote putting value to their contents.

It is very serious and you won't feel it because you are not cashing out and hive is a passive income that you earn daily, so if you end up selling some at low price you will get another one by dropping more post but you see those buying coins for like 3 m and seeing the price drop to 300k, it is really alarming and many are in depresssion right now.. i beliieve it will pass sha lol

Yeah I totally understand. Though I have intentions in cashing out later to buy myself a generator 😅.

I can relate to what you said. I checked my portfolio this morning on coins I hodl and I saw a drop of $1200.. I was just saying Nawa oh.

we will survive it my man.. we have been surviving it, we are survivors lol

Yes oh, surely we would. Soon, I would resume my USDT pair trading to keep value and earn more. But first let me accumulate a lot of Hive to buy USDT then use that to trade. I don't want to touch the present set of Hive I hodl..

good idea, you can be using the usdt pair trading to flex when you make profit, one need to enjoy this crypto money before bear takes it all

Exactly.. Your head is there. You understand what's going on in my mind.

Yes sir it really bad to see the market, But think this is the best opportunity to buy some but I think this is my bad luck I am out of cash, If I have I sure invest in #hive and but few more from the dip

yea but most people didnt save enough to buy the dip, they can only wait till market is green again and luckily things are going back to normal now..

Ya most of us are like that indeed I am one of them .😊