How Much Leo Power Do You Need For Curation To Work For The Community?

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I know that's kind of a loaded question but I'm getting my payouts from week 2 of posting here on Leo and my rewards are adding up fast.

As you can see I've 124 Leo and I need to make decisions. At some point in the past, and for some forgotten reason, I decided that maintaining 1000 steem power and 1000 Hive power was important. Ive powered down my steem because, well, its steem, and we can rant about that another time.

I plan to keep 1000 hive powered up and keep the rest liquid because frankly, I'm not feeling like there's a community on Hive itself enticing me to power up and curate. As I earn my hive power I will delegate to @leo-voter.

But @leofinance is a completely different story. I feel like there is life here and that I can actually make a difference by supporting.

More than curating to earn I think its encouraging for authors when they see a vote with a number by it. I won't have enough to make a real difference to authors but I want to at least authors that I'm there and reading.

So what is that sweet spot of Leo Power that will show more than $0 when I vote? I figure I can get to 1000 leo power in a couple of months.

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So what is that sweet spot of Leo Power that will show more than $0 when I vote?

Don’t think in terms of dollars, think in terms of LEO. Right now it’s ballparkish 10k staked LEO for a 1 LEO upvote. So about 1k LEO for a 0.1 LEO upvote or 100 staked LEO for a 0.01 LEO upvote. So even something as small as 20–25 staked LEO can mean a 0.002 LEO upvote, with 0.001 for the author and 0.001 for the curator since there’s no $0.02 dust threshold like there is with Hive.

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Thanks, both of ya this is stuff I need to know and haven't found anywhere else. Thanks!

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The only thing I do here is curating, but if you dedicate yourself to publishing at least 1 time a day you can earn those 1000 lp easily

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so for you it's 5000 leo power that makes you comfortable. I see in your wallet you make about .1 leo per vote.

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