No Distribution Model Is Perfect

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Hey Jessharing

It's funny to me when I think about all the things I talk about I feel like it's all surface-level issues and trying to control society in any way is never going to end up the way you plan it to be. The central planning phase takes a lot of flack, especially from me, I shit on it every chance I get, it's my right to, my freedom of thought and speech.

I understand no system is inherently bad or evil, because a system doesn't have feelings, or thoughts of good or evil, that is us, humans, injecting our goodness or malice into a system.

Organising society is no easy task, and we once had it revolve around the church, before that lords and royalty. Now we have government and banking.

The evolution of society

Each of the previous eras had their issues with the distribution of power, resources and wealth, it eventually lost control, and a new system took over.

Those 3 phases were pretty bloody, so my hope for the next change is a bloodless one, I hope we can be sensible, but I doubt we ever will.

The system we have now wasn't always a shit show, banking and government was a leap forward from what we had previously. Democracy and private banking for citizens unlocked a wave of potential and tapped into the human spirit and unleased many advances in the world.

But like any system or business, it eventually decays and dies, nothing we humans can think of will last forever, because we humans don't last forever.

Our current distribution

Today money is created in 2 places the central bank/government and the commercial banking system. The closer you are two any of these two systems. The more likely you are to skim off the cream off the system, the Cantillon effect is evident.

Your prosperity in this world is now more than ever reliant on nepotism and not the sweat of your own brow, as much as I would like that to be the other way around.

We've reached the end of a system and with it comes diminishing returns.


Money is a thought abstraction

Money is NOT real, it's merely an accounting system and a flawed one at that, but it's the best we've got to work with right now. It has changed through millennia and will continue to change.

People still tie their hopes, dreams, labour, value and lives to money, some of us have to, if we didn't have it we'd die, I get that it makes it pretty real in those cases. But money is NOT a case of your productive capacity in this world it has an element of it, yes but it's by no means created through it.

In previous money like commodity money such as gold and silver, we had to use labour to dig it out of the ground and refine it. This got harder as years went by, and we had to dig deeper into the ground.

Some countries were lucky to have larger deposits; others had easier deposits to extract; some were close to those places and reaped the benefits.

It wasn't always the noblest or innovative person to get the new money but those close to it in a sense.

Crypto distribution

In the crypto world, we have things like mining, staking, airdrops, airdrips or protocols to distribute the token. Again this is all by the luck of where you are in the world, are you aware of this, are you hanging out with the right people on the internet to tap into this new distribution boom.

No money has or will have perfect distribution, I get that it does push a sense of injustice and luck and we want to correct it with all sorts of weird and wonderful things, but I think that's trying to find a solution for a feature and not a bug.

You are the asset

As we create new types of money, they all have to compete for YOUR productive capacity, and I think that is amazing and a game-changer. If you don't like the value, or you don't like the distribution curve or monetary policy you cash out and leave.

You allow the market to dictate where value goes and take your productive capacity where it's valued best. Since there is no perfect distribution, freedom of choice is the best solution.

Bitcoin distribution

Bitcoin by no means has perfect distribution, and some people disproportionately own a lot for being early adopters, but that's something I am willing to accept for the sake of securing the hard cap.

I don't mind how altcoins are distributed either; I don't care how their governance structure is set up or how their inflation works, I know the market will eventually point to the best monetary policy and willing to take bets on some of them with my labour and productive capacity.

Hedging yourself into different money distribution channels allows you to make a call on the future, one which system of money you like best and that's how we push capital into the best project.

To me, Bitcoin's boring, stubborn and predictable monetary policy is still the best I've seen for what we need or rather what I need, which is why I stick to it as my favourite form of money, even with its poor distribution.

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Every system have some flaws
To me it’s more of transparency
A system run and governed by a protocol which is transport have more tendency to correct itself

I agree with you there the transparency is the biggest value add, then you can decide do I want to get into this ecosystem knowing how the whales act and if there is a better distribution over time or is it all sitting with the big boys and not getting any better

I Am a Jessie

Probably one of the longest serving ones too

Now I realize that I should have study english more.
I read "Probably one of the longest serving ones too" and was thinking "How can you know that I am playing pickleball and have a very long serve?"
Obvsiosly I need to practice my english more - or play shorter serves

In previous money like commodity money such as gold and silver, we had to use labour to dig it out of the ground and refine it.

In digital world we are digging BTC ...LOL

Lol well we are spending a damn fortune to dig this stuff up with all the rigs and electricity needed


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Thanks for the tip :)

@chekohler, "Money System" is a belief, when belief changes old system breaks. Stay blessed.

@nickyhavey looks like we have another captain of the obvious with his ultimate powers of summary

Lol, we need to create a comic book collection!