Wealth Taxes Aren’t For The Rich

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Hey Jessocial justice warriors

Class warfare has been part of human nature for as long as we have been on this planet. Since I’ve been alive, I’ve witnessed race warfare and gender warfare as well as class warfare. Social class issues have always been tied to money, and since the economy is in such horrible condition, it’s taken up more of the spotlight.

The current trickle-up system of Keynesian economics only serves to drive a bigger divide between the rich and the poor.

A condition that governments seem to love for the very reason that it gives them more power. The wealthy are doing exactly what they need to do to maintain and grow their wealth, and it’s only being supercharged by government regulation and policies and blocking any competition for their wealth.

The rich aren’t exactly getting into the good books PR wise even thought hey create goods, services and jobs for the working class.

The rich are vilified for plundering the poor, and the narrative is that only governments can save us from the evil billionaire class.


Why taxing the rich isn’t a solution

The truth is their rules and regulations created this; the proof is right there in the results. The rich aren’t avoiding taxes. They are reducing taxes through laws that government create.

They can pay lawyers and accountants to find the loopholes, and it’s more profitable for them to pay these firms instead of paying taxes.

Additionally, the rich are politicians, main backers, funding their campaigns and, in return, are given kickbacks in government funding, law changes and blocking out the competition.

So why would you care about reducing your taxes when you can continue to milk the government to improve your businesses. If you’re big enough and fail, you’ll get a bailout, so why bother cheating on your taxes?

The rich are not an infinite source of money

Many of the rich we would like to target is either storing their money in tax havens, leveraging debt to reduce their tax burden, acquiring new assets to generate more cash flow and leave very little left over to tax!

They are not sitting 🪑 on their capital the way the poor and middle class do if they did, they’d lose massive nominal value then for inflation, so there is a big incentive to reinvest constantly.

When this witch hunt for the rich is over, and maybe a few guys are put up on a pike and held up as an example, it will only be a moral victory.

Raiding the coffers of the rich s only going to stem a small wound, but the bleeding from government debt will continue.

Also, the more aggressive you become to the rich, the more you push them and their working capital out of your country, and they will take with them their companies, products and services.

This will only serve to reduce your tax base as the rich leave, and their employees sit with no jobs or lower-paying jobs.

The definition of wealth trap 🪤

So my question is, once they get you all fired up to support taxing the rich and the funds they get are still not enough, what do you think is going to happen?

The definition of rich will be lowered until you qualify. Supporting wealth taxes is supporting future poverty for yourself! The little guy doesn’t have the cash to pay accountants and lawyers; it wouldn’t make financial sense; the little tax avoidance much middle class get away with can make a big difference in their lives so increasing the tax burden on the middle class and poor will only leave more people destitute.

If you feel taxation is the way to even the playing field, by all means, pay your additional share if it makes you feel better. It will change very little for the rich abs change a lot more for the poor and middle class.

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They can pay lawyers and accountants to find the loopholes, and it’s more profitable for them to pay these firms instead of paying taxes.

Very true.....


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As a wise person once said, "If taxing levelled the playing field, you should tax the poor. They hold the 99% of the wealth..." just kidding...no one ever said that lol

Taxes are essential to providing for the common welfare of society-taking care of the common services we all have access to/need. If we want taxing to be fair, it has to be based on a percentage of income. The problem then lies in what is determined to be income. If I own a business and it produces income, it gets taxed. Then, when the business pays me for owning part of it, I get taxed on the income again. That's double taxation. Unless, of course, you don't tax a business...
I digress...Taxes should NEVER be used to "level the playing field." That's utter nonsense! Taxes should strictly be reserved for those common services. They should not be for providing payment assistance to people out of work or who are too sick/disabled to work. Those who are wealthy and those on their road to wealth should give of their own free will, not because it gives them a write-off on their taxes. Those who are sick/disabled should seek out the charities who act as an intermediary for the philanthropists, in my opinion. There should be no minimum wage, no social security, no disability payments, just common services for the common use/privilege. That's my opinion...

I agree with you completely I don’t know where in the world you’re in but here in South Africa we are taxed 4 times.

  1. You get your salary - income tax
  2. You buy A burger - VAT tax
  3. To get to said burger + factored into food price - Petrol tax
  4. Then the inflation we get which is killing us

And even with all that unemployment has always been a problem and we still have the highest gini coefficent in the world. It clearly doesn’t work but every year it’s more of the same

If people have more disposable income they can save more, take more risk, build better businesses, pay better salaries, create better jobs

I can’t understand it myself, I pay what is due and I try to save what I can, sigh! Then I see people calling for taxing more and we need more and I just cringe

I live in California, USA...breathing is taxed.

That's ok. I spend plenty of time doing side hustles that then pay residual/passive income. I buy dividend stocks...which pay passive income. Once the passive income surpasses the worked for income, life becomes pretty sweet. People in general don't understand tax codes, anyway. The tax laws aren't held secret. People pretend that they are, but they're not. You just have to take the time to learn them. Another thing...many people throttle their earnings because they "don't want to get taxed more." It's nuts. People complain their getting taxed too much but don't want to earn more because they'll pay more in taxes...Even if the %-age of your income that is taxed increases, I think you should always look for more income. Politicians will continue to do the bidding for those who contribute to their campaigns and their families. You want to do well? Learn to sell something small to a million people instead of trying to sell a million dollar idea to one person...worked for Steve Jobs, Hershey's chocolates, the Pet Rock guy, flappy birds app developer, etc. People pretend there's no way to get rich in this world...they just haven't taken the courage to do what others have to get what others have. They also try to emulate the rich when they don't have what the rich have. You have to start with an education and work from there. I live in a very well off neighborhood. Most everyone has a degree in something medical or law. It's a proven method...

"Many people throttle their earnings."

That drives me a little batty too (Bay Area), but still understand it. I am unemployed at the moment, but I am a part time worker (I have four kids and my husband is the "bread winner")

I picked up freelancing Tarot Reading three days ago, and made just enough to not get an unemployment check, which means I am not getting my extra $300 stimulus, which means that by working, I am actually making less money.

I kept working anyway, because I understand that if built correctly my business will be there in three weeks when the $300 per week stimulus may or may not be there - but it sure is annoying to make less money working than not.

We are in a well to do neighborhood too - and we can't fill our jobs. Store after store has the "will hire" signs. Why aren't people taking the jobs? Because they pay less than unemployment.

I understand that sweet spot of making more - it didn't stop me, and it cost my family $900 USD. I feed 6, that's a lot of groceries.

I have 5 kiddos, so I understand the sentiment behind feeding a large family. I was talking with my spouse (who is a stay-home and homeschooling mom) the other day about how, even though I would like to be much higher up the food chain in my company, I've also realized that every step I've taken, though seemingly slow at times, has been crucial to my growth. I think the fact that you've started working again, even though unemployment benefits would you pay you more by doing nothing, you will be better off in the long run because of your returning to work. It speaks more of your integrity to work than to rely on all tax payers to keep your income artificially inflated. Unfortunately, socialistic-type policies increase the likelihood of out-of-control inflation and dependency. Paying people to not work is socialistic. Again, I applaud you for earning your income instead of keeping your hand out for the next payout from the government printing press.

A homeschooling wife of 5, you should have her join HIVE, she'd get along great with my friend @crosheille!

Thank you for sharing another California Perspective. As annoyed as I am about the perceived loss of income, I gotta admit, it feels good to see that income coming in. When I get the unemployment I feel like I have a social responsibility to spend it out in the community - I use it to buy stuff (stuff we need and could use, but... stuff, because the money is to stimulate). When its my earned income, I am much more careful with it, I store it, I use it to pay debt, I work on making it grow.

Nice to meet see you on the blockchain, I look forward to reading some posts of yours and hope to see you in other comment sections.

LOL okay I can't argue there, complying with all your tax law would leave me broke alone, not that I am far off

I don't see anything wrong with earning more money, creating more stuff, building businesses, working harder which to me is part of life.

I just see something wrong with the fact that you are FORCED to do it because saving in itself isn't what it used to be where you know if I keep this money I can use it again later. You need to store it in assets instead which makes things more complicated.

I agree that we have to keep up with the game or fall victim to it, unfortunately, people think that a tax here or printing money there is going to change things but it won't

It's a wealth mindset. The exploitativeness is mind-blowing. But then it's funny that these government who are taxing the rich are in it. The plundering and all.

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LOL exactly no government official is living in minimum wage why would they tax themsleves and if they did they’ll make sure their salaries are adjusted in a way to compensate for said tax

It’s all a game to of keep you distracted in front while I get at your pockets and the best part is They get you to call for more tax so they have the right to get at your pockets even more than they already do

Basically it's not taxing if it feels like you're not really paying it

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It's the most insidious tax yes because the number you hold in your account remains the same, the value it holds decreases. its a great magic trick and we all fall for it

It's bed time. Excellent article though. I kept it open intending to comment later but . . . "I am a Jessie." 😂

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LOL appreciate that you took the time to read it clearly a good bed time story since it put you right to sleep

I grew up paying taxes on everything so I didn't mind it.

And then I remember getting my first stimulus check. I think that The Terminator was our governor then.

It was explained to my very young naive self, who was very confused because she had just filed taxes only to find out she was getting a refund of more than she had been taxed, that the government didn't need my money.

I was more helpful to the economy by spending my money.

Now paying taxes is a whole burden. Annoyance that I have to pay and walmart doesn't. Guilty because if I find too many loopholes and don't have to pay and everyone else finds those loopholes than maybe that is why Bar Area roads suck so much?

But I'm middle class, I always pay something.

I don't have a choice really I am not wealthy enough to qualify for the loopholes, I just do what I can with what I can retain as mine.

I don't think that's totally the case here in South Africa though, all government projects are way over budget and you also actively have an incentive to blow your budget, so lets say I am my citys roads guy, if I come in short and still get the job done, I don't get a "thanks for saving us money".

I get my budget slashed and it's given to those who allocate it more poorly. So here it's all about making sure you burn through the yearly cash regardless of how much it cost/deflation on goods and services as we improve them. So you can get more cash in the future.

So you'd probably think well-overpaying means you still get better roads not at all, people just up and run away with the cash, still cut corners and use shit material and so you get a poorer product for a higher price

So its a race to the bottom!

Right, overpaying does not lead to better roads. Surely.

The "loopholes" here are more about getting your paperwork in order.

Me for example, was happy being a live in Ms. but I found out that if I became a Mrs. my family would save a TON on taxes. So I walked the aisle.

There are other simple things like claiming different households, breaking up the four kids into "his" and "mine." Getting "pay as you go" health insurance, and then deducing every time you go to the Dr. And my latest for 2021 will be to file an LLC - I've been meaning to do that for a few years.

Like another one of your commentators said, its not like the tax rules are a secret, but there sure are a whole lot of them, and keeping up to date with them takes some work.

I realise they are not a secret but surly if this is PUBLIC knowledge it should be taught no? Shouldn't it be part of your schooling? the distribution of this knowledge and the language used to provide that information is to me purposefully done this way hoping people ignore it and don't exercise their full rights

Yes, it is public knowledge.

I can tell you that they have the forms at the Public Library, easily accessible to all, and there are instructions, and boxes to fill out.

I don't know how it is done now because of covid.

But filling out those forms in not 1 + 1 = 2

There are an infinite amount of possibilities.

Do you write off your dry cleaning? How about your gas to get to work. If your husband gambled thousands away can you write it off?

So yes, this is public knowledge "all" you have to do is find the information and apply it correctly.

My sister, a finance graduate, won't do her own taxes. I pay to use a computer program. Many people pay 'tax professionals' to take care of their taxes.

Hey @chekohler, hope you're doing well! There's a lot in here I don't really agree with, myself, but I can see why you believe it, given the social situation you're living under. There's one thing I'd ask, though:

"Class warfare has been part of human nature for as long as we have been on this planet."

There is a very common habit of people who were raised under Western culture to conflate "how the West does things," with "human nature." This helps erase the existence and history of other people, like my own Lakota people, who while we've struggled with social issues throughout our history, have never had what a Westerner would recognize as "classism."

The human spectrum is broad. There are people alive today who have never bartered or traded, and don't even know the concepts. Let's not erase them out of anger with the system that traps us - instead, I try and make room for them, because outsiders tend to have some really clever perspectives on what's inside.

I get what you're saying, perhaps too far of a generalisation in my statements; I have been, of course, raised with Western values/modern values. Do I know anything about African culture? Not really; it's pretty much dead where I live.

I am a descendant from a now long and forgotten tribe here, Khoi san, they were pretty much nomads, so I doubt they had a need for classes.

I am sure in the deeper parts it may still be alive, but that's not to say there were tribes without class structures, it may have been less hierarchical, but from the top of my head, Zulus here have Kings/Royalty, they had a military who obviously carried more favour than a herder of cattle/farmer. I do think perhaps the class divides were flatter, and I think that does make for a calmer society, but I don't see it as totally non-existent.

I obviously don't know how other cultures work, but the one that we've chosen to use moving forward in modern times is the one I am drawing from and one that has built itself on classes and hierarchy.

Not saying either is right or wrong; I think we should all be able to choose which one we like best and congregate around that, which is to me not the case; we all pushed to accept one. I never want to tell people what to do, I just want to ensure they have the choice

Hey, sincerely: thank you for hearing what I had to say! I agree, you can only write from the perspective you have, and I love hearing that perspective.

"[T]he one that we've chosen to use moving forward in modern times is the one I am drawing from and one that has built itself on classes and hierarchy."

The problem is, I didn't choose it, and so it's not what I prefer to draw on. And it's more than "modern" to me, it's contemporary: I'm only the /second/ generation of my family raised inside the West: my mom was stolen by the U.S. government from her Native family and raised by Catholic folk. And there's all sorts of people who continue to not choose it, and haven't been forced into it. Sure, they're forced into working /with/ it, but like, inside their own villages and homes? Relationships are organized very very differently from how most Western folk view them.

I think it's worth recognizing - not just because like, they're human people worth our empathy, but because there's a /vast/ amount of knowledge that these communities hold. Folk like you and me, who are trying to find new ways to live, might be able to learn a lot from them - maybe we don't need "new" ways of life, but just "different" ways of life, and can get by pretty well by taking lessons from our ancestors and kin with more experience living with different social systems. Did that make sense?

Like you say: "we should all be able to choose which [cultures] we like best and congregate around that." I think there's a lot of diverse cultures out there right now, that would have a place in these conversations - but sometimes our habits as Westernized people keep them from having that place.

I enjoyed our little chat, enjoy the rest of your day!

I appreciate it, you open my eyes up to new worlds, I will be honest I know ZERO about native American culture or history, or what its like in modern America and the reservations.

I've read a bit about it and the issues of European occupation in North America and what happened to some of the "first nation" people that are more to the North In Canada, and some of what happened during the various wars. But I would not say I have enough to form an opinion, so i'm just here to learn.

Another HIVER also native American gave me a good schooling on it a while back which lead me to reading more about it but yeah reading can only get you so far if you don't exactly know what you're looking for lol.

Perhaps that is what the internet is going to be, or kind of is, instead of having to bow to the rules of your country you had no choice in living in, we seek refuge in the internet with like-minded people and hopefully, we can create more options. The world is always in a state of flux, who knows where it leads next

I'm half and half and was raised with both Western Values and some First Nation in case you ever have questions. I don't claim to know all on both sides but I'm sure I can still answer a few.

Remember I know nothing to treat me like a complete noob, but what's the difference between first nations tribes is it just their locations or are they different in terms of language and culture too? Are there reservations in Canada like the US has where they still retain land and a sort of weird autonomy or is it a full assimilation?

Haha, no worries, I expected as much. I respect your willingness to learn.

Tribes are different and yes also by geographic locations but each contain villages aka reserves. Several tribes can occupy similar territory. For Example, where I live now, you have Cree, Blackfoot...so on, each is a Nation and share the land. The Language and culture can be different yet similar because of proximity (province). Some fundamentals remain the same but the creation story according to the land's features will vary between nations but with one common origin of Turtle Island. The further across the country, it completely changes. The culture in the mountain is different than the culture of the plains or in the east and the culture of the North will be completely different just like central Canada since most of the culture evolves around the land and it's resources and each face different challenges.

There are many many different First Nations, too many to list them all. I'm from the eastern tribes. Genetics Maliseet (Madawaska) but spent my teen years/early adulthood with Mi'kmaq , also my second parents (childhood bff's family) were from the same reserve but left and lived next door growing up, actually there was a small handful of us . Moved out west and been learning more about the western and northern tribes since my city is the gateway to the north(well the Northwest Territories & Nunavut portion of it.


It's some weird autonomy on reserves but with many challenges via antiquated treaties, lots of grey areas around that. They do retain some land and hunting fishing rights along with dual citizenship with the us with a "status card" ( a form of ID associated with the treaty rather than a federal ID but still is a federal ID but you have to live on reserve or be full Native, it's complicated).Many also chose to go live in cities and live the western values.

Do you happen to remember who it was? I'd love to connect with them!

I agree so much about the importance of the Internet being that it creates more options. I view the lack of choice, at a metaphysical level, as one of the biggest problems with the dominant culture. There's a world of binary options: work or starve, tax or not, and that's not... accurate. There's always more opportunities and choices available than what is first evident! And even if there aren't, right now: like you say, "the world is always in a state of flux," so we have to be ready for new choices to emerge!

It's me! I am Native American from California. We usually don't get recognized because they call us "Mexican" - but my great grandmother was still alive last decade and she was born on Yaqui land.

Most "Mexican" people in California have suffered through the cultural genocide and don't remember that they are Native American. Then where did that beautiful brown skin come from? Here, they didn't steal our grandmothers to sent them to boarding schools, here they gave us a whole new identity, and we believed it.

Growing up I was considered a "Hispanic Immigrant" With two yaqui grandparents, and the two great grandmothers I still knew living on their ancestral lands...

I can't find it but I saw a meme yesterday that was Charlie from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia pointing at the maze of index cards and strings behind him, and it was captioned, "Me trying to explain to my Native family how the immigrants at the border are more from California than the lady on Fox News."

Not as funny, there's this new podcast on Youtube from two folk in Abya Yala (South America) discussing these sort of issues, from their perspective. I've found it really interesting to compare and contrast just how different the colonization (and decolonization) of these two places is unfolding!

It's like trying to explain that Mexico is a European concept. Generations of orgullosamente mexicano and then one day its clear that the Tlascalans, and the Aztecs, and the Yaqui, and the (now considered Mextizo - Native "Californians') were all clumped together and given a piece of culture. The Nuances of the different tribes now all clumped together with a red and a white and a green. It was expected that through the generations we would forget that we were Original People and take up the Culture the Europeans gave us.

Now we forgot who we are and now we are the New Colonizers.

But it is too difficult to fully forget, especially when we are still living among our original trade routes, when we are still eating the same foods as our grandmother's grandmothers, many times with the same tools which still have the same name (comal, molcajete).

We remember more and more everyday. And now, people who were fully educated in the Colonists system, whose parents were also fully educated in the colonists system, are now remembering that the "First Nation People" of Canada, the "Plains Indians" who are many times considered the only Native Americans (and presumed mostly dead) and the "Mexicanos" are all cousins still living on turtle island, conneced to the nose of the elephant ("South America) who is slowly getting carried back.

We are all connected but the most important part is that we are all "stewards of the land" and that is what we must remember.

Thank you for being here. I don't write too much about this on the blockchain, the people here have banded against a similar form of oppression, the banking system, and that's a really good thing to fight by not being a victim of too.

It’s @metzli lol she just graced my posts so I didn’t have to go looking for her contact

Being a "descendant of" means that you still have that blood.

If I were you, and I know I am not, I would start marking myself as a Native African from the Tribe of Khoi every time they asked me on a census or such - remind them that you are still alive.

Lol well, I also have German, Chinese and god knows what else mixed in there! I also don't know much about their culture, I think there are still a few old school tribes kicking it out in Namibia though.

I get it. The Yaqui people at one point were only allowed to have babies if they had babies with Chinese Immigrants, but that's just a faceless great grandfather to me who left some DNA but nothing else - not even a recipe for tea. Another grandmother was stolen by an Argentinian Aristocrat, and then given back - but that Argentinian actually came from Italy? But they only left DNA too...

I am lucky, I am still on my ancestral lands. Makes it easier to stay connected to my ancestors and claim them proudly.

Oh wow, so theres a whole lot of mixing down the line I guess its the same for everyone brown lol you can never tell whats their make up. When I travel I've been stopped by Mexicans, Columbians, Pakistanis and Egyptians thinking I am them and they rattle off their language and I'm like um, me no understand lol!

Yes I do know that ALOT of Aregintines are Italian I think they fled from WW1 and 2 and Argentina wasn't that well-populated so they were able to secure large swaths of land.

Do you guys like to celebrate traditional holidays and customs? Can you still speak the language? Is there any sort of schooling for it kids can attend?

Traditional Holidays have pretty much merged.

Catholicism came and replaced all our holidays with new ones.

As far as customs, they are there if you look for them, though modernized. Marking the four winds now the sign of the cross, feeding the fire is now lighting candles, etc etc.

As far as the language, not fluently, but it's still there. Songs that we can sing but don't know the exact meaning of the words

Once while in a sweat lodge, the sweat leader said he was going to teach us a new song. By the second line, I was singing alongside with him - him in the sacred language, me in spanish - my grandmother had sang it to me as a child.

You really have to look to see it, and you really have to choose to see it. Once you do, its everywhere - like when my daughter looks at me funny because she's googling "Yaqui" and her and the little girl in the picture have the same hairdo. Coincidence?

Bean tacos with salsa and avocado have been eaten on these lands since before we started counting time. Guess what I had for dinner last night?

I think the solution is better politicians lol. But in all seriousness, you see how countries like Switzerland and Singapore are able to get by with max 20% rate and no wealth tax.

The inefficiencies need to be gotten rid of. Even those 2 countries aren't perfect by any stretch but they're a lot better than most.

Transparency into where taxes are going would help a lot.

LOL, I don't buy the whole we need better people thing; I always look at the system we organise around should make it right for even the wrong people to do the right thing. I know that both are wishful thinking since we've become such a complex society; I don't see any place where the more complex the rules, the better the outcome

You need better people to implement better systems lol. But actually, I think the best run countries have simple systems with little exceptions.

You look at the US tax code on e other hand 🤦‍♂️

Lol exactly that’s why either way it’s up to us, i am at this point where I can’t un-see what’s going on but I also don’t know what to do or can’t be bothered

All I know is Buy Bitcoin and hope for the best


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I agree that taxation shouldn’t be used to level the playing field. That’s not the reason why governments created them, after all. They were created to help run the government, not solve inequality in society.

With that said, there is something that should be done about the current reality where the top 2% often get away with not paying taxes, at all. There way too many tax avoidance opportunities at the top, compared to those available to the ordinary citizen. Too many loopholes that need to be closed. So, it should not be about making the rich pay more, but just making the rich pay taxes like everyone else.

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If governments only stuck to their mandate and not try to infringe on EVERY part of our lives, maybe they'll have enough money to run their programs, but they continue to encroach and get involved and society allows it and therefore pays the cost.

I can't stop people from calling for more government nor can I stop them from taking money from me through tax or inflation to fund it, I can only protest by owning more Bitcoin.

I don't see them as loopholes, if you take the time to read it its actually just incentives for wealthy individuals to spend their money to acquire more assets, it's not like they are sitting on cash laughing. There more complex you make the tax code the worse it gets not for the rich but for those who don't have the ability to acquire assets at scale.

I am not interested in taking other peoples money really, I don't think its the solution but okay this is the hill people want to die on

It may not be about making the system more complex, just fair. For the most part, at least on my country, taxation rules heavily favor high-income and rich individuals. Middle and low-income individuals, for example, will always be taxed on their income. But the rich usually have means to reduce and even completely avoid taxes.

There’s no need to increase taxes for the rich. I don’t want to take other people’s money either. Just make sure that everyone pays their share because lower income individuals have no choice but to always pay theirs. Sure, tax avoidance is legal, but it's not always fair, especially when the individual is maliciously manipulating the loopholes in the system.

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But who would define what is fair?

Also aren't those who are wealthy better equipped to handle money in a way that benefits society? I am not saying all rich are the same, but a lot of them got there by allocating capital correctly and the market rewards them, so them having more capital would mean in theory better goods and services and standard of living

Taxing won't fix much in my country most of it gets plundered anyway so I say let the people have it and figure it out themselves.

By fair, I’m referring to preventing cheating and corruption. Compare an office worker whose salary is taxed outright and has to pay that tax vs. the rich person who creates multiple shell companies and hides his money, so it doesn’t get taxed. In this case, the office worker has no means to hide his income, but the rich person does.

Or the rich person who donates to charity, gets the tax write off, but it turns out the charity he donated to was a nonprofit he created that benefits his business.

I’m not saying tax the rich more. Just tax everyone-the rich and not rich in the same manner. After all, there is no way the government will stop taxing people. So they might as well do it to everyone.

Personally, I am against taxes on income. I’d rather pay taxes on consumption.

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For the rich to "cheat" on their taxes they also create jobs for certain industries, that's more than bloated governments do. I am just pushing you to see what you meant, I do agree, that if it's like truly gross and malicious sure there's a case, but I think just like the middle class don't declare things like side hustles, cash deals, gambling and other income which they get away with the rich also have theirs.

If you're going to come down on the rich heavy handed, you'll most likely come down on everyone else the same too.

I fully agree with you on the consumption versus income I think it would make it so much easier to administer.

Taxing the rich has been used as a propaganda tool to gain votes from the poor. The mentality is off and education is needed amongst the middle class about wealth. Surprinsingly (or not), they don't teach wealth classes in school...

I agree with you, I agree the system is messed up and it took me a while to understand how it plays against me as well as my own bad actions play against me! In the end it’s still up to me and my decisions, I can cry foul bloody murder from the roof tops it’s not going to change things overnight

I can only change myself and my views! It makes me less sympathetic to the cries of tax the rich, I get some of it may be I’ll gotten gains but it doesn’t mean taking it away and giving it to someone else solves it

I think the rich are a convenient scape goat for the worlds issues instead of us all looking at ourselves and the system that we all participate in


So true! I think that things would change if people, poor or rich, would look in their own back yard and make the changes. Everybody expect some almighty authority to improve their lives. Not possible. Get the skills, read, improve, learn. These are the fuel to change. Not whining. If a portion of energy would be invested in changing rather than complaining... Imagine!

LOL no whining? I don't think we can give that up, we LOVE complaining too much! I am definitely committed to learning and improving but it is hard especially when the results are not immediate and you have to have faith. I was actually reading a study the other day that says South Africa is rated as the worst country in the world for social and economic mobility so if you can make it here, anywhere in the world is a piece of cake lol

It will build up your character. It's admirable that you can live in a tough place and still want to be better. Kudos to that

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Wanna be Rich? Become a Politician and leave you conscience by the door.

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Lol or a banker, or a child of one of these. But you mean to become rich without having to contribute much to society. There are plenty of rich people who worked their arses off and made their community better so I don't want to slag off everyone thats got big bags

Nah, the politicians are owned by the "real" rich people.

You gotta make those billions and own your own politician.