ETH Mining Profits - Hive #2

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Well, I am mining ETH and since it's so profitable and Hive is so LOW why not trade them. But since does not support ETH - HIVE yet I had to transfer it from my ATOMIC wallet to my Ionomy account than buy Hive there.

ETH Profits

I have been posting my stats on my two RX 5700 XT and been mining at around 100 Mh/s sitting me around $175 a month worth of ETH at current prices.
With Hive again being Hive and the many projects behind it sure is a killer in the blockchain space just hasn't been tweaked well enough with a track record of $9 a coin around 2017 I am sure it will follow suit once the real BULL run starts.

I think I am making a wise move on trading my mine ETH to HIVE since I am 100% in HIVE, ARE YOU?

With Hive sitting at .16 cents its a steal considering it was at .18 last week, no matter how you put it.

Transferred out ATOMIC wallet to Ionomy Exchange.
Turns out there is no good spread between ETH and HIVE so I had to sell ETH to BTC and then to HIVE.

ETH mining profits into HIVE!

I am trying to set memos for better tracking of income (Hive) source.

Proof this was written today follow for more Stats and mining.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Nice @chronocrypto! As much as it is fun and profitable to get involved with all of the "second layer" opportunities "in here," I don't see how any of us can justify neglecting the "base layer" of our Hive blockchain, so well done!

I hope your ETH mining continues to do well for you!


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Whats your electric cost for the same period? I stopped mining Eth and Xmr a good while ago now as the cost to reward was getting to negative. But Things may have changed since in coin price.

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