Ethereum mining ⛏ massive profitability #3 Crazy fees once again

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We all know those crazy Gas fees for ETH at the moment and this in due part of UNI this whole DEFI craze is like the ICO craze back in 2017.

Found this quote in LEO's Discord channel.

hahaha, sad thing is ETH is worth billions and years later from cryptokitties, nothing has been resolved

I would say the same thing about how much it's worth yet it still gets bottlenecked by gas fees. Reason WLEO was pushed back a bit, (GAS FEES)

With ETH skyrocketing multiple times over and over again I wanted to just stick to Mining ETH before the proof of stake kicks with that being 32 ETH to create a Masternode, in and with that check out my estimate earnings in USD.

With just two RX 5700 xt, the opportunity is there I am thinking of setting off at least a 20 card rig.
I would love to document it as well, man I have many things I need to start on.

With each card running at 50 Mh/s having 20 should bring in a nice profit after a couple of months and I keep ETH as is I can gather a few of them before it’s too late.

as you can see my two cards at the moment produce around $7 a day worth of ETH, I do not pay for electricity



UNiswap for the win,



Remember I will be trading for HIVE and jump on some more LEO as well.

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