Hive Holdings record for my self 113,543 Hive

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I currently Have 5,385 BRO tokens, so by reading below.

With a total of 36691.48940033 BRO distributed. That means if we divide the total Hive with the total distribution then that gives us a coin total of: 4.464 Hive (rounded)

You can see by using Ray's rough numbers, I am sitting at about 24038.64~ Hive worth of BRO, I say that's a win, the cool thing about it on the Market side is there is a decent flow of $$.

Something exciting happened this morning with BRO, Ray decided to nuke the remaining Bros so on there is another 20K on the market which would be the last BRO to be sold, and he has another 20K for promotions and such.
That on its own already makes BRO token super valuable. Considering all that's backing it.

Currently, if you buy BRO then you will receive hive, pal, neoxag and leo in dividends daily. That has been the plan for the last two months. The swap.hive that I have received has went to projects on chain and off chain to grow our pot. Currently our pot looks like this (excluding BRO)

Leo: 37578 Hive
Dcity: 26000 Hive
LEOM: 25995 Hive
Hive power: 14382 Hive
ARCHONM: 9006 Hive
Spinvest: 8032 Hive
DHedge: 6219 Hive
STEMM: 4016
Pal/Neoxag: 3711 Hive
SIM: 2091 Hive
Workerbee: 2104 Hive
Offchain: 24685 Hive
Total: 163,819 Hive (approx)

With a total of 36691.48940033 BRO distributed. That means if we divide the total Hive with the total distribution then that gives us a coin total of: 4.464 Hive (rounded)

In essence the last 20,000 on market are sold underprice!

Here is the Null transfer of the many BROS.


Okay so for WorkerBee it was bought at 1:1 Hive ration I currently own 27,302.92525 WorkerBees. That makes using the Market currently. 30036.2210968 Hive Worth of WorkerBee.

Boom at combined by these projects I am looking roughly at 54074.8610968 Hive... Wow!!! I mean damn not bad, that crap steem did me good. The WorkerBees are being pooled into by a project from Archon. Gathering Bees daily.


Now off to some smaller tokens in hand.

Okay, I also hold 4550 Liquid LEO.. waiting on the pumpo! not gonna lie to you mate. I need more Hive to Power it up and than intern earns Leo from it, the goal is 100,000 Hive powered up by end of 2021.

I am then sitting at 5830.905 Power Up Leo but being currently powered down... Again for a nice pump! It looks like two more weeks till full PD.


Damn the price of Leo spiked to 1.5 Hive per LEO !!! this DEFI craze is amazing.

SO we if are looking at say that price 1.5 Since I know its still way undervalued.
We are looking at 15571.3575 Hive worth of LEO.


5550 Archon Tokens staked, roughly at Market Value 1072.26788 Hives worth.


So for Dcity I am just going by the estimated Market Value of My City using SIM and then market values.

City Sitting at 3,265,997 SIM market value brings it to 14000 Hive ~ again these are unrealized gains.

Account Hive Power

Last My account Hive Power which is 28,815.451 HP All being delegated to @leo.voter to get paid in LEO.

Now its time to add them all up and see whats my rough estimate value of my account in Hive/USD.


  • BroToken: 24038.64 hive
  • WorkerBee: 30036.2210968 hive
  • Leo: 15571.3575 hive
  • Archon: 1072.26788 hive
  • Dcity: 14000 hive
  • Hive Power: 28,815.451 hive

Total Estimated Worth of @chronocrypto 113,533 Hive!!!

Does that make me a whale? Maybe not since it's not all powered up by damn not bad, I did state I wanted to reach 100,000K soon does this count?

Disclaimer: I did not include the daily income I get from all this Hive in the various projects maybe next post.

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Great investment portfolio, you've captured the most important second layer coins and great to see you heading to power up HIVE like crazy.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

What about SOL?

I think it counts

These are some serious numbers here, nice! I think I’m going to add a bit more into bro so I can have a solid presence in that token. I’ve got 20 which is great but it would be nice to get that a fair amount higher if I could. I was trying to figure out where my liquid Leo kept coming from, I didn’t realize it was from my bro tokens lol nice

That's a lot of BRO, bro.

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It's fascinating how quickly BRO has grown isn't it! Ray keep pulling rabbits out of the hat LOL!

the goal is 100,000 Hive powered up by end of 2021.

Awesome, good luck on your mission!

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