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07 of July

created by @coyotelation

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This curation project has the function of increasing visibility and rewarding authors who are sometimes not available to the entire community. It is a work created by @coyotelation and through Coiotes Project is working to make all of this happen in a satisfactory way.

To encourage the creation of more content for Leofinance, one of the selected authors received 0.25 LEO. It is not much, but it is a symbolic reward. The value of the reward may increase as a bonus. Below I will explain more about it. All posts were voted on by the Coiotes curator manually.

I want to make it clear that this is a personal initiative. I hope that with this initiative I can motivate more members of the LeoFinance family to continue their journey here.

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Authors with their chosen posts

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There will be no draw, because each day there will be a chosen post. The reward remains at 0.25 LEO and the novelty now is that for authors who create their content on the front-end they will receive 1 LEO token as a bonus. Using the Leo interface will benefit both users and the ecosystem as a whole. The sending memo will be Coiotes Project. If you are viewing this post, the award has already been sent.

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1 LEO token was sent


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