| Weekly Dividends & Poker Results Report #8

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Another week and I continue to track the evolution of the price and Dividends on the platform along with my personal Poker Results playing at their tables.


After a big drop last time, the dividends increased with +61% this week but still aren't where they used to be. I've been tracking the 21-day moving average and it basically as gone down (in TRX payouts) week by week. The price of 1 Million WIN in TRX naturally followed this trend. The past 8 weeks it would have been much more profitable to just hold TRX and stake it getting rewards from SR Votes. With the price of TRX going up during this period, the price of WIN in Dollar is still similar to where it was when I started buying some. I did add 1M last Saturday for 72.86$ using some of my poker earnings which brings me at 5 Million right now. Unless there is a big change in dividends or a drop in price, I will likely stick to what I have now.

Currently, 4860TRX gets you 1 Million WIN which adds up to 26.26 TRX, good for +0.55% Dividends if they stay similar next week.

TRX Dividends For 1 Million WIN Frozen


WeekPrice 1M WINTotal TRX DivValueROI
0167.31$69.03 TRX0.725$+1.13%
0276.00$40.97 TRX0.479$+0.71%
0383.00$41.53 TRX0.542$+0.71%
0482.60$48.00 TRX0.594$+0.72%
0589.11$38.55 TRX0.559$+0.68%
0684.42$34.70 TRX0.535$+0.60%
0773.00$16.29 TRX0.232$+0.32%
0874.00$26.26 TRX0.404$+0.55%


I cost-averaged in more buying at a lower price point which reduced the % I'm down overall after 9 weeks holding Win and collecting dividends. The chart including the 21-Day Moving Average (Pink bars) clearly shows a decrease in dividends the past weeks with just 1 spike last Saturday. I'm still hoping for the dividend average in dollars to slowly go up over time along with the price. I honestly don't see it happening anytime soon though as there is still a massive supply outside what is circulated and frozen which means if overall revenue goes up it will likely have to be split between more shareholders.


The Poker Tables continue to be profitable and fairly easy to beat. I'm also just playing better as of late as I'm able to do big laydowns when they are needed which really made the difference this week. Everything that you don't lose you win in the end and my background in poker playing 200NL back in the day really helps.

I did play a total of 7.5 hours last week winning nearly 5k TRX and I do actually enjoy it still (It's always more fun while going up). It's also just a fun way to kill some time expecting to earn some crypto in the process. The total RAKE I mined also has gone up to 1600 and brought in 17.162 TRX over the week, along with the 8.280 TRX from the SR voting it comes close to what another 1M frozen WIN would earn.

I'm enjoying my journey on and will probably keep it going for at least another 3-4 months until the Belgian League is back.

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I used to play poker too! I played mostly 6 max hypers but also a lot of cash. Your profile says you just do sports betting but looks like you like to bet on many things. Welcome to the club 😃👋

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