Bitcoin (BTC / Dominance) Bullish Rebound - Where will liquidity come from if bitcoin dominance rises to 60 points?

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Will the 2018 cycle be repeating?

Let's see

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A few days ago @toofasteddie published several post about a possible fall in the capitalization of cryptocurrencies, and upward dominance of Bitcoin.

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And it made me ask myself the following question.

Is it possible for the Total Crypto market to fall to 1Trilion?

Which crypto investors would abandon.?

What will happen to the Dominance of bitcoin, will the 2018 cycle repeat?


Is it possible for the Total Crypto market to fall to 1 Trilion?

If we already saw a drop to 1.2 trillion from 2.5 trillion, it is possible that we will reach 1 trillion dollars in the short term.

If we see the graph

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We see that we are staying on the floor of the upper channel of the trident, if we break it we can reach the floor of the lower channel for around 1 trillion dollars in the short term.

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At the time of making this post we are in the 1.5 trillion investments in Bitcoin


Which crypto investors would abandon.?

In general, when corrections begin, investors abandon all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, but more Alcoins as investors seek refuge in Bitcoin.

Now there is another factor that did not occur in previous cycles, which is the investment of companies and funds in Bitcoin that are buying in the setbacks.

In previous cycles after the first corrections and when bitcoin manages to enter periods of reaccumulation, the Alcoins continued to correct

If we already saw a drop from 1.4 trillion to almost 600 billion in Alcoins, in a few days, why couldn't it continue to decline?

Screen Shot 20210602 at 01.39.35.png

At the time of making this post we are in the 900 billion investments in Alcoins

Therefore, for there to be a drop in the crypto market to 1 trillion, there would have to be a drop to 500 billion in Alcoins, if we keep investments in Bitcoin constant.

If we see the graph we see that it is possible and would coincide with a support in January 2018.

Screen Shot 20210601 at 18.16.46.png


What will happen to the Dominance of bitcoin, will the 2018 cycle repeat?

The dominance of Bitcoin not only rises due to greater investments in Bitcoin, but also increases due to divestment in Alcoins.

Nobody tells you what you just read. (It is a secret between you and me).

If we look at the 2018 cycle we see that after making its first big price correction, it begins to oscillate, indicating a re-accumulation zone (orange line).

Screen Shot 20210601 at 18.23.16.png

But if we see what happened to dominance in the same period, we see how it has rebounded upward.

The same could be happening now in 2021.

Screen Shot 20210601 at 18.29.20.png

In the graph we see a rebound in the last days after hitting a floor at 40 points.

If it is repeated as in 2018, the objective would be 60 points.

At the moment it seems to be a period of re-accumulation since there are investors interested in buying Bitcoin at these values, which validates this analysis.

And what do you think?.

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