Hive Flowing Into Steem and Steem Into Hive As Both Platforms Are Now Benefiting From Hive Increase

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I am sure most of everyone on here has been glued to the exchanges today watching Hive doing its thing. I haven't moved and haven't bothered to even change the television channel from Peppa Pig thanks to my grandson. We all know what is possible and it just gives an extra boost of confidence we are in the right place. When there is a bull market it doesn't really matter where you are as everything benefits, but these days you have to pay more attention.

The funny thing is that if people didn't know about Hive they will do now as seeing something rise by 600 percent and go from 71 to 28 on the market cap ratings is rather impressive. Other crypto coins thinking they are doing well with their 5% gains until they look down and see the elephant in the room at 570%. How many investors have looked up Hive in the last 48 hours and read what we are all about would be interesting to know.

Funny enough I don't know if others noticed as soon as Hive hit the magic number of $1 exactly the sell off started back down to 90 cents and Steem immediately started to climb. Obviously Steem is benefiting out of this pump as well as users are operating both coins right now. Steem has jumped not by much but still 3 c from 16c to 19 c in the last hour (20%). This doesn't really help the ones powering down to Hive as the difference has changed drastically over the last 3 days.

3 days ago I was converting my Steem for roughly a 130 % difference at 0.72 Steem for 1 Hive and now it is 5.47 Steem for 1 Hive making a rough 750% change in fortunes. Steem would have to reach $1.20 to bring it back to the levels we saw 3 days ago which i don't think is going to happen anytime soon.

What we have been watching is the crypto markets being as volatile as ever with fortunes being made and lost within hours. We are investors but we have a slight difference as we are also stakers which gives us the edge as price fluctuations mean very little when you are thinking years and not days.

Hive has the legs to make it into the top 10 market cap currencies over time and I believe that.If Hive can do this within one month what can be achieved over the next 5 years is mind blowing.I am sure we will see over the coming weeks many new and old faces magically appearing hoping to get a slice of the Hive pie.


$1 is a natural resistance level so I sold at .96 ... got back in at .81... this is gonna be a helluva ride! 😃

I am happy for you. if you can repeat that over the next few days then that would be fantastic. Curious to see if Binance lists Hive now as there may be a chance.
Saw this earlier and may be sign of more to come.

That would be some very interesting news on the back of what already is taking place.

There is a party being thrown around HIVE at the moment, we will see how long it lasts.

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I will be waiting for a dump thow... hope to get minimum twice the hive I traded! Regardless of what these next couple days will bring, with more exchanges listing hive and all the hype,things are looking really good right now!

A dump will come but I expect Hive to settle at a much higher point from where it all began 3 days ago.

I did unload a couple thousand STEEM this morning on the run up.

We are also all turning into traders, having to decide which currencies to keep and which to unload.

We are going to see a lot of wild things happening over the next few months. A lot of attention is being drawn to the world of crypto.

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Loads of attention which is a good thing for all of us. Just hoping we have a new flux of Hive members as part of the spin off.

I am not sure pricing action brings in users. That hasnt been the case in the past but it could happen.

Either way, it will get some investors and put Hive on the radar. That is a starting point.

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Part of me is happy that my ledger wallet is in my house in Portugal and I'm quarantined in The Netherlands but part of me wished I had it here, days ago, to buy more Hive haha :<)

You make a good point here. I am trying not to let my emotions take over, keep breathing, meditating, going on walks in the sun and I still check the market way too much. It helps, in a way, that there's a weekly powerdown and I can't do much more in the days in between ( which gives me time to think, reconsider ) and not just act with my reptile brain ( says the dino ).

I just wish I had a grandson or a kid to watch Peppa Pig with instead of the markets haha!

Powerdown does give you time to reconsider what we do. Even Peppa Pig couldn't get me away from watching this today.