Rocking And Rolling Along

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Yesterday was HPUD or Hive Power Up Day which to be fair should happen every day if you are involved on the block chain. I think that is the one fun part of seeing your efforts going into the stake and building something of value.

Why wouldn't you power up normally anyway as it gives you more influence adding value not only to everything you do, but giving more to others at the same time. It doesn't cost you anything to be able to give by curating/voting and you earn at the same time. I think this is the part I enjoy the most as the vote has some value these days. It is shitty when you have less than 1 cent voting value as we have all been there and it takes time to be able to add some value.

Whether you are growing by 5 Hive per day or 100 Hive per day it doesn't matter as long as it is growth. This is not a competition as everyone will grow at a different pace. The important part is to keep moving and to keep growing as the saying another day another dollar. That saying comes from sailors in the olden time who were paid $1 per day and on long voyages every day seemed the same except they had another dollar in their pocket. The Hive journey is also a long voyage and earning any Hive is good Hive. The amount doesn't matter as long as you are going upwards.

In the past I have experienced down days as it can be tiresome doing something day in and day out yet it never gets boring. I believe if you can keep a record of your growth like a journal or something then it does help you to keep plodding away.

It is amazing to look back at something you started many months ago and to see how much work has been done yet it seems like yesterday as time flies. I was chatting on discord last night and was subconsciously thinking of my next post as ideas were spinning around in the head. Everyday is different and having no clue where the next post is even coming from. I average just under 2 posts per day for the last two and a half years and have no idea where they all came from, but they did.

Having a journal or record is not something new for many of us as it is one way to keep motivated. It is a bit like weight loss as even though it is not easy it becomes easier once you see progress. It inspires you to carry on and achieve more which is the main aim after all.
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Ever since I started I have tried to keep the line at the same angle showing constant growth. This is not easy and takes time so one must never just expect as things do change. is a good site to use as a tool for checking your growth as it has an analytics graph showing how you have done over 7 days and 30 days. This has become my go to tool for now as it clearly shows what you are up to and if goals are met or not. Don't over complicate things as many variants are out of your control like post rewards but curation is in your hands as voting should just happen naturally. To gain support you need to offer support as this is a two way street and nothing should ever be taken for granted.


I do mine on a monthly basis and check out a lot of the stats like curation rewards and earning rewards as well as power ups. It's fun to set a target as well for that extra motivation to post and keep growing.

Your doing well and won't be long until Orca status. Something to look forward to around xmas time.

I find it fun as well as you have to set targets to achieve anything. If we can get close to Orca by Christmas that would be great but then again that is only another milestone on the way up. The more you have the easier it becomes so just any growth is good right now.

Absolutely. As soon as we hit 50k it will be time to aim for 100k. That's the fun of it.
I've been doing it since my first 100HP and will continue to do it to whale. The bigger you get the faster you grow.

I will have to check out that site. I am not sure I have ever been there before. I just learned about another new one the other day. It is awesome how there are all of these tools to analyze your account.