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One big lie as they were waiting for free hand outs which is what they normally do. That never worked so now they are forcing businesses to cover their costs.

The South African Government is failing in so many areas it is a joke. The latest is with the wanted/not so sure Covid vaccines as they have managed to purchase 1 million so far. These are intended for health workers only and will still need another 700 000 to cover that area. Everyone else must just wait and see what happens and I think this was planned more than anything else. Other countries are scrambling for vaccines yet we aren't and is part of their plan.

What the Government has now done is asked the private business sector to step in and and support the purchase of the vaccines. Support I mean as in buy what the country needs as they obviously don't have the money for that right now. I honestly thought they were holding back hoping for a handout from the generous western world which Africa normally does. Quite frankly I am sick and tired of their begging mentality when in fact they should be cash rich with all the natural resources the country has to offer. This I believe was their initial plan and no one has come forward so they have to know bully the private sector.
That adds up to 40 million doses or so when the population guestimate is around 60 million.

Businesses are stretched to breaking point already and if they don't get involved what other choices do they have? If they don't get involved and agree to purchasing the vaccine they will either be more heavily taxed or this thing will drag on possibly causing their businesses to close down. The Government knows this and has backed them into the corner by delaying the vaccine purchases.

If I was a business I would not be willing to hand over money as we all know that only a small percentage finds it's way into the rightful destination and is stolen or redirected en route. If the country had no corruption the coffers would be full and there would be no financial problems. Come election time they will no doubt take all the credit for saving a nation with their master plans and still have a dig at the huge corporations that dug them out of a hole.

The private medical schemes account for covering about 15% of the population leaving 85% or 40-50 million unvaccinated. The aim obviously is to have everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible as what we are seeing here is something that is out of control.

According to the figures the second wave is dying down but this time I know many friends and ex work colleagues who are no longer with us. This strain which is far stronger than the first virus that hit last year has been rather serious and not something you can just ignore. I know there have been some cases reported of the now so called "South African" virus in the UK over the last week. The people I know who have died so far lasted on average 3 days after being admitted to hospital which is rather serious. We are not talking about the elderly or sick either and the majority of around 40 people I knew were younger than myself and in their 30's and early 40's.

I am still on the fence with the vaccine as I honestly don't trust anyone as we have all been lied to so much over the last year. Even the nurses at the doctors rooms who do the covid tests are sitting on the fence with this one. Holding out for more news is my plan and hopefully the vaccines take a little longer to arrive as I am in no hurry right now.

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Well if the private sector doesn’t come on board which I’m sure they won’t they’re not stupid I think it’s going to be another IMF loan to bid up prices for vaccines and make western companies a killing and saddle the country with that additional debt and currency devaluation

It’s an old playbook African politics ions of all kinds have been milking for years and then running off to the west after there milking term is down

We can all see this playing out that way as thankfully everything is simple and straight forward to read. We have been her way too long to not see how things work. They may still get a hand out from some European sucker if they can drag it a little longer especially as the rest of the world seems shit scared of our special virus we have mutated now.

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Wow, that is pretty horrible. I am happy that I was able to get my first dose the other day. I am lucky enough to be an essential worker so I got moved towards the front of the line.

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