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Never heard a bloody thing about this thing called Blurt. Who knew a hokey pokey hard fork off Steem happened besides Hive?

I must admit I do pay attention to most things around here and somehow none of my group failed to mention we had a blurt account as well. I can assure you no one blurted this one out and like Speedy Gonzales you can't see them for dust.
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Then again thinking about it the more people that know the lower the price will be so tell everyone after you have powered down is my guess. Looking at the blurt chart it was 16 cents on launch and is now grovelling around the 1 cent basement price. Give it another 13 weeks to get my sticky paws on this lot and I will be lucky it it is 1/10th of that. Oh well it is free money again and anything free no matter how much is always welcome.

I popped on there tonight and firstly struggled as I have changed my password a few times since. had to rack brains and find an old screwed up piece of paper and then reset the new passwords as only needed for 13 weeks as it looks pretty damn shite.

No offence but scanning through some of the users on their I could have guessed most of them. Now it is the double barrel as it is Steem and Hive combined. I suppose you had to be around Steem to know what was cooking for this one and I certainly wasn't. I can assure you the ones in the know are few and far between and now that I know means everyone knows already.

Early bird may get the worm on this one and now that I know how it works now as everything is top secret. Mum's the word and I don't know a dickey bird and it is everyone for themselves seems like a good community motto. I don't blame you though and just joking of course but fuck it a whisper would have been nice.

Whist looking tonight on the blurt blog or whatever you call it there are posts ,mainly shit ones by the way where users like me have only just realised the same thing.
No down voting so I guess it is party time for the Koreans on Blurt.

I only knew as I was asked how many Blurt I have in discord last night and had no clue what Blurt was. Something tells me that person only just found out or very recently found out as well and felt good telling me as they weren't the last to know then. Bit like the Titanic being told the boat is sinking and that there is the last life boat being lowered into the water. Not a big thing really as Blurt I can see crashing and burning as the only users are Steem and Hive combined plundering away. The best of both worlds if you like with the dregs of block chain humanity grabbing everything they can as quality won't matter with no down votes happening.

Tip. Get your Burt out quick. This is not financial advice, but more like common sense. Could be prone to pumping and dumping though as I think it is a possible candidate. Maybe and a big maybe that is.


Blurt is like an anal wart...

A very good description as I am sure they would be unpleasant. Makes me cringe just thinking about that.

I started getting it out about 4 weeks ago and it doesn't seem like a project that'll attain sustainability

I saw it a while back and it reminded me of that wiki chain, I have to go back and see if I powered it down.
HAHA, I did power it down, How to sell it is the question?
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They have a market for them. Easy sign up and you can still get a few free hive from selling the blurt.


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I first heard about it on Twitter a bit ago. The site has always been buggy and hard to login to. With the long power down times and the lack of presence on most exchanges, I don't think many people actually got out when it was $.16. It's just recently I heard about the easy way to send it all to Hive-Engine.

Every power down has been from 150 hive to 50 hive a week these days. I got in nice and early before the market was total dust. Still that is 7 weeks so far and free hive for me.
Hopefully i can get a couple hundred more before the market is totally gone.

That is decent. How did you hear about it?

They were on about it the same time as hive was splitting. Kept an eye out and when the wallet went live started the power down. Could make few dollars by the end.