Time Well Spent?

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Having the harsh lock down compared to others may pay off as we move into summer.I just hope they are not tempted to open up international travel just yet. With this stupid Covid virus there is no right and wrong, but just bloody common sense.

It looks like this week we may possibly have an announcement taking our lock down to a level 1 which is as close to normal we would have seen since March. We have had probably the strictest lock down compared to the rest of the world and it may just pay off finally. I am hoping international travel remains banned for now as looking at all the other countries this was a bad call.

As a country we have been crippled financially and need to get back to work quickly.Currently we are at Level 2 and things are just not right still as many businesses are stuck in survival mode. Some businesses are booming, but the majority aren't as many people just don't have extras to pop out to a restaurant even if they are open.

Globally many countries haven't really done a proper lock down and in reality is kidded themselves and just wasted that time. Look at the UK now as it is a joke and until people just listen the virus will be there for a hell of a lot longer. Maybe for once having some inconveniences will wake the majority up but I believe the majority are too simple and uneducated to understand. I do believe if things had been stricter on everything including travel then they wouldn't be in the dwang. Unfortunately there are too many countries around the world like Britain who are just way too soft in everything they do.


On a personal note I need to have the restrictions lifted for business purposes as getting new customers is virtually impossible. Firstly most companies refuse to have a meet and greet and the ones that are open for business are not at 100 percent either and more like just ticking over.

Most of the buyers at big companies are not in their offices, but still at home. Each one has told me the same story saying they cannot move suppliers just in case. The just in case is they want to see level 1 first and not level 3 or level 4. Risking supply going back into lock down having switched suppliers would leave them high and dry possibly being fired and looking for a new job.

Two of the companies I am dealing with are in the top 10 volume wise in my industry, so waiting a few more weeks won't kill me. I have used the lock down time wisely getting to know people chatting about everything else, but business. They now know my sense of humor which is cheeky bordering on rude as I have sold myself and that is the key I believe in anything in life.

The one lady buyer I have told numerous times that I am not phoning you because I like you ,but I want your business. This cracks her up and she enjoys the banter as she has got to know me over the last 6 months. In January the relationship was somewhat non existent as she wouldn't even take my calls and today she asked why I hadn't phoned last week. My reply was that I don't want to spoil her so it is now a game being played. The things we have to do and nothing that can be taught from a text book either, but getting to know people by simply talking.

I am more curious than ever to see how our factory volumes rise once the lock down has been lifted. We have extra space and manufacturing equipment to take whatever is thrown our way and I am more than hopeful the lock down will bear fruit. I won't lie as financially it has been rough as I haven't drawn $1 from the business since February even though we have processed some orders. This has kept the business healthy financially which should put us on the right foot now.

The last 6 months you just write off and move on with crossed fingers and toes praying you have at least made a positive impact somewhere and not wasted that time.


We are kind of in the same boat. Our state is one of the most locked down in the country and I think in the end it is going to be to our benefit. Many people are complaining about it now, but in the end I think it was for the best. I wouldn't want to be in charge making those decisions. There is always going to be someone who isn't happy.