ADA (Cardano) just added to my Portfolio. How CubFinance made me buy ADA

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It's the first time ever that i sell leo (bleo) for something else outside of the Hive ecosystem (not that i sell many inside Hive eco though) that is also a reasonable amount. As i said some days ago, i reposition my investment on CubFinance which is the main reason for my decision to spent the free leo on ADA, withdrawing from CUB Den and bleo-bnb Lp farm and pooling again into CUB-BNB LP for the better APR (it was over 500% at that time) it let me with over 850 bleo staying idle in my wallet. My first thought was to remove my lp position from wleo-eth pool and combine it with the leftovers (bleo) to increase my cub-bnb lp, unfortunately the ETH chain and it's fees make that move difficult (over 60$ just to remove my position, not to mention that i had to make some other transactions to complete the procedure) and not worthy in the end. AVA was of course my second thought but eventually it wasn't worth either (in my mind at least) since the available leo wasn't enough to buy what i really wanted, so i ended up with money staying idle in my wallet and me very confused.

So i started thinking what might be the next "Big thing" in the cryptospace that is also quite cheap to buy, and BNB came in my mind. So what the fuck are you saying dude you might thought and you'll be right, but there is a reason behind that thought of mine and it's related with cubfinance.

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CubFinance operating on BSC which is more scalable, fast and cheap than ETH and it's a core reason for CubFinance success, if you were participating on wleo-eth pool you will understand what i mean, even if you aren't familiar with eth just by participating in both pools you will be able to see the serious ETH technical issues. So here comes Cardano (ADA) which is is the main competitor of ETH along with Polkadot (DOT), i believe that those two chains can take a good chunk of the pie are all related until ETH finally move to PoS algorithm. Thanks to CubFinance and BSC i found in practice how serious that eth issues are and how much room for competitors really exist in that field, Cardano (ADA) was the obvious move since it was way cheaper than DOT and always wanted to have some in my portfolio. So, my precious bleo (610 of them) became 500 ADA and i hope that ADA can fulfil my expectations in the long run.

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ela na se valw kai esena sto paixnidi me tis agapoules
molis exeis mazepsei 5 tokens sto HIVE-ENGINE mporeis na dineis thn entolh kai na moirazeis kai esy agaph
!LUV 1


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Best of luck bro! ADA is definitely going to explore new highs in the next few months.

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Thank you!
Let's hope to a good pump!

Don't forget to stake your ada

I have to fo that.

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