Better late than never, joining BroFi

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It is truth that i missed the BRO train early on (lack of funds back then, PLEB) and it became quite difficult for to get a reasonable amount of BRO's latter, so obviously i let that project behind focusing more and more into LEO.
BroFi came to solve that problem for me, it offer to all HIVERS the opportunity to earn BRO just by delegating some of their HE tokens that staying idle and get rewards in BRO, SWEEEEET!!

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For me CCC, PAL and NEOXAG will do the job for now hopping to add some CTP and STEM in the future (i was selling those, how idiot can someone be;) that i hodl lately in small amounts.
You can find everything you need about that new and interesting project on that post

Im also planning to by some BRO because i dont relay like to be an outsider to something that promising like BRO, so Better late than Never fits perfectly here!

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χαχαχα σιγα το late :P

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Can I delegate any tribe I have ?

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Only those.

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