Diving more into CubFinance and BUSD-CUB Pool

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Well yeah, it was already predetermined when i bought 305 CUB two days ago and just a moment ago it became reality, i pooled almost double my previous share in the pool increasing significantly my position!!!

But i didn't stop there, the cub price at this moment is quite attractive (2.2$) so i end up to buy 305 more cub (again with my leo) which will be probably use in the future (im waiting a very nice leo and cub pump in the next days) in the same cub-busd LP farm.

Not in the long future though (LOL)!!

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With that, my Farms in @cubfinance are "chubby" enough to make feel satisfaction and i think its ok for the moment, i hope some of the plans i have in mind work in the way i believe they should and that share of mine became even more Chubby!!

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$4573, nice!
I am staking mainly CUB in Den and few dozens of dollars in DEC-BUSD LP because I am so into Splinterlands. Wish you best in your farming!

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Wish you also the vest!
Unfortunately for me i never played Splinterlands..

Wise move. Also looking forward to increase my position before the pump comes

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Wish you good luck and nice profits!

Thanks. Wish you likewise

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