3Speak Stats October 2020 | Activities, Users, Votes

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Let’s take a look at the 3Speak stats. 3Speaks is one of the top Hive dApp and that continues to develop and grow on the Hive blockchain. Some interesting things should happen soon.

3Speak promotes free speech and censorship free values. A platform where you can speak your truth, without the fear of being banned.



Here we will take a look at the activity on the platform, the overall number of posts and comments, and the number of users. The top content creators for October 2020 will be presented as well.

3Speak started its journey somewhere around May 2019. More than a year in operation now!

Activity on 3Speak

First let us see the number of posts, or to be more exact videos coming from the platform.

Here is the chart.


A clear up trend that here with some flattening in the last monthс. The platform is still new and there is a volatility in the number of posts. 3Speak had a one days down time in October most likely due to the Hardfrok.

On average there is around 130 video uploads per day in October 2020. Compared to the last months the number are about the same.

Here is the number of posts summarized by month.


Similar trend here as the daily posts. An uptrend and a flattening in the last months.

3Speak Authors

How is 3Speak doing with the number of authors on the platform?

Here is a chart on the number of monthly authors that posted on the 3Speak platform.


The overall number of authors that uploaded a video in October is 633.

Next the number of unique authors that posted on the 3Speak platform. These are authors that posted directly through 3Speak frontend.


The number of unique 3Speak authors is showing continuous growth. Even in the last months, when the activity is constant, the numbers of new authors trying out the platform is growing.

A total of 2533 unique authors have used 3Speak to post, adding more than 200 new unique authors in the month.

Authors that posted the most

Here is the rank of the authors that posted/uploaded the most in October 2020 on 3Speak.


Looks like the authors on the top are eighter plagiarist or similar. More legit authors starting from no.5.

3Speak Votes

3Speak supports its content creators with votes from their official @threespeak account. It has around 1.5 million SP. A lot of the times @theycallmedan also joins the party and vote on 3Speak content.

Here we will be looking into the number of votes from the official @threespeak account.

Here is the chart.


The voting started in June 2019, with the number of daily votes growing up until October, when there are days with 250 votes. Afterwards the number of daily votes dropped and in October 2020 the average number of daily votes is above 30.

Nice job from 3Speak supporting the content creators and distributing rewards.

The Most Supported 3Speak Authors in October 2020

Below is a table for top authors who have received support from 3Speak in form of votes in October 2020.

RankAuthorSum of Vote Weight

The ranking is made by the cumulative vote weight that authors received from @threespeak, meaning one vote at 100% is better than 3 votes at 20%.

Congrats to the users above.

All the best

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Feedback from the November 1st Hive Power Up Day

Well done 3Speak and nice stats to refer to @dalz have been watching this platform,, progressively and constantly growing.
@tipu curate

Hoppe they surprise us with some cool features soon :)

3speak had a lot of buzz in the beginning, I still use it anyway because it's like the best. Hopefully we can see the buzz again like in the early days.
Awesome stats, not bad thought

I think they are building in the background, might be some interesting stuff soon.

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man Im too goona start uploading videos on @threespeak because I don't make money on YT and there are a lot of problems like they delete video etc

Yep, 3Speak is much better now :)

man, I just uploaded a video on 3speak it shows on the 3speake platform but not on hive what is this and why? help me

Check 3Speak discord

great report dear @dalz.. I feel that the upvote system/process of threespeak needs to be altered. As clearly indicated in the report showcasing the most supported authors. considering, 11% of the reward going to the threespeak wallet, I feel that the upvote system should be tweaked to cover more authors rather than just a few of them. I was a fan of threespeak earlier but now have shifted to lbry.tv

It's not like that I'm complaining or against something but it's my point of view and feedback.

Cheers and Best Regards

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