Hive dApps Share | Hive Posting Frontends Share And There Evolution | February 2021

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Hive fontends are on the rise. In less than a year of its existence we can really say that there is a diversification in the forntends and where is the content coming from. The days of only one frontend are long behind.

Unlike the traditional media the Hive blockchain has many frontends. Some of them are niche specific, other more general.
What is the usage of each of them? How many posts are posted from the individual frontends? What is the trend? Are some getting more traction then others?



We all know blogging dApps are not the only ones build on Hive. Games are taking advantage of the Hive blockchain and we are already seeing more of them build each day. Splinterlands opened the gate for games on Hive, and now we have many more.

Here we will only be looking only into the blogging apps:

  • Peakd
  • Ecency
  • LeoFinance
  • 3Speak
  • dBuzz
  • Actifit

The period that will be analyzed is March 22nd to February 11, 2021.

We will also rank the top 10 fontedns by number of posts for January 2021.


The generic Hive frontend. Its open source as well. Here is the chart.


Just after the fork in March 2020, we can see a spike in the numbers of posts from, when the price went up. At the top there was 1500 posts created per day. Then a slow decline to below 1000 post per day till December 2020. In the last month there is an up trend and the numbers started increasing again.


The chart for Peakd.


A very similar chart as for There is a small difference for Peakd, the decline seems to be smaller here, and we can see the same increase in the last month.

Around a 1000 posts per day from Peakd in the last period.


Ecency has been around for a long time as well. The old name was esteem. Here is the chart.


More volatility here even than the previous two. A sharp increase, then a bigger drop, and now growing fast as well.


The chart for LeoFInance.


This is quite a unique chart. Ever since the transition to Hive, the numbers of posts coming from LeoFinance have been constantly growing. Starting from just around 20 per day to 250 I the last period.
Compared to the 1000 from Peakd or Hive.Blog, the numbers are smaller, but it will be interesting how the trends progress. We also need to have in mind that this is a niche community, not a general one.


The number of posts/videos from the Hive video platform.


The video platform on Hive, 3Speak. A steadier number here in the numbers of uploads. A constant number between 100 and 150 video uploads in the last period.


The chart for the Hive blockchain twitter.


dBuzz is a short form application and we can see quite a growth in the period. Going from 50 posts per day to more than a 200 per day.


Another short form app.


Actifit is one of the first Hive apps. We can see a small downtrend in the period, but also an increase in the last month, following the general trend.

Number of daily posts from all Hive frontends

Here is the chart for all the Hive frontends posts per day combined.


We can see that Peakd and Hive.Blog are dominant in the number of posts.
But the trend seems to be in more diversification of the frontends. Even slightly but it seems that more posts are starting to come from different frontends. Hive.Blog has lost most of its dominance.

Top 10 Hive Frontends

Here is the chart for the overall number of posts from the top Hive frontends for January 2021.


Peakd is the most used Hive frontend now. It has surpassed the Hive.Blog frontend. A 27.5k to 2`k posts in the period. Its not even that close.

This is generally interesting development, as we can see another frontend taking over the Hive.Blog. Back in the Steemit days, the blogging was heavily done from the frontend.
This shows that there is more than one dominant web build on the Hive blockchain and it is overall healty for the ecosystem. It will be great to see more dapps build and attracting their own audience.

We can also notice there is rising projects like LeoFInance that might become competitive with the top ones. 3Speak is also having some big plans. The microblogging on the dBuzz is also growing. There is some other tribes like sportstalk and neoxian that are just below the top 10.

All the best

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Thank you for the breakdown! These charts are very useful!


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Nice to see that theres some just going up.

Yep, there is a few of them :)

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Wow, I really would have expected Ecency to be higher than that. I don't use it on my desktop, but it is the go to app when I am mobile and using my phone. I guess I was under the impression many more people were mobile than they are. That is definitely very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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These are post only .... people might just read more on the phone, or comment and post on desktop via the above

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Ah, okay, that makes sense. You are probably right. I do most of my night time commenting from my phone, but I would struggle to actually write a full post on there.

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I’d like to think there is more collaboration than cooperation between these teams. And I’d like to see the market share diversifying over time as new front ends pop up.

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Cool stats again.
We might see a temporary decline in Leofinance activity with the launch of project blank.
On the other hand I feel like this project is going to take the lead amongst all the front ends in no time.

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Thanks for your post! I have a question regarding the different frontends:

  1. If I post on 1 frontend, thebother frontends can see the post as well, right?
  2. If the other frontends can also see the post, they can upvote and thebpost would be eligible to get the tokens of the different frontends, right?
  3. If I now want to claim these tokens, do I have to claim them on each of the frontends separately or can I claim everything e.g. on and get the whole reward in leo?

Would be nice if you could clear these things up for me :)