Hive Power Up and Power Down | Data by date and users | Historical rate of Hive Power share?

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How it the powering up HIVE going? Time to look at the recent data and at the historical rates.


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We will be looking at:

  • Overall power Up VS power down by date
  • Recent power Up VS power down by date
  • Historical rate of the Hive Power share
  • Recent rate of the Hive Power share
  • Top 20 Accounts that powered up
  • Top 20 Accounts that powered down

Power UP VS Power Down

Here is the chart with the difference in HIVE power up VS power down, including the daily rewards in Hive Power (author rewards, curation rewards, witnesses’ rewards).


The all time net powered up/down Hive.

Note here is all the data from the old chain as well 😊.

A lot of powering down in the period September 2016 – April 2017, and then also March – May 2020. This period was when the exchanges were powering down.
A lot of powering up, when the fight for governance of the chain was happening, end of February 2020.

The Hive only chart look like this.


Here we can see the power downs from the exchanges from April to June. Afterwards there are few spikes in the power ups, a million Hive on few occasions powered up per day.

On regular day the amount of power up/down HIVE is somewhere in the range ±100k.

Historical Rate On The Powered Up Hive

Here is the chart for the all time rate of powered up Hive/Steem.


The last grey area are funds held in the Around 83M were transferred from the Steemit Inc accounts and a few others to the fund after the Hardfork in March. These funds are now slowly being converted to HBD over a course of five years period.

Overall the amount of Hive powered up has been around 200M historically. There is some drop in 2016, and then a steady increase. In 2019 the amount of Hive Powered Up was almost constant around 200M to 210M.

When the fight for the governance started, we can see a sharp increase in the HP, as exchanges powered up more than 40M HIVE. At that point the amount of HP was highest reaching almost 270M.

Later the exchanges powered down over the course of 13 weeks period.

When zoom in to 2020 we have this.


Here as well the funds in the are represented separately. I’m putting them here because they are basically not accessible and locked.

We can see the trend of exchanges powering down here as well. From June the amount of HP is stabilizing around 138M and 83M in the (221M total).
In the last months the share of HP has increased a bit reaching 140M.
There were a few big power ups recently.

At the moment the share of liquid, powered up and hive in the dev fund looks like this.


The share of powered up hive is 38%, that gives a nice APR. The hive fund has around 22% of the supply and 40% is liquid.

The table for this looks like this.

Oct 24, 2020
Hive Power140,015,497
Liquid Hive149,615,715

A note that the HBD is on top of the numbers above with around 4.6M HBD supply at the moment.

Top 20 Accounts that powered up

Who is powering up the most?
Here is the chart for the period between Sept 23 – Oct 23, 2020.


The @alpha account comes first with around 770k hive powered up in the last 30 days. Next is the @steempty account with 394k HP, and then @encrypt3dbr0k3r with 176k.

A total of 4.7M Hive was powered up in the period above.

Top 20 Accounts that powered down

Who is powering down the most?


The @xxxxxxxxxx has powered down the most in the period with 246k HP, followed by @payroll with 245k and @realself with 148k.

Note that the above numbers are finished power downs, not started.

The amount of Hive powered down in the period above is equal of the Hive powered up, 4.7M.

Overall, the staking numbers are almost constant on Hive in the last period, with almost the same amount of Hive being powered up and powered down, when we include the HP received as rewards as well. A few big players powered up some significant amounts of Hive in the last months that pushed the overall amount of Hive powered up from 137M to 140M. 83M Hive are locked in the and around 150M hive is liquid, out of which around 100M is on exchanges.

All the best

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Hmm, seeing a lot of familiar names up there like @shitcoiner and @realself & @gokuisreal. I wonder if they know something I don't... Maybe the pump is coming 🤔

Everyone is waiting for the pump :)
Sooner or later it will probably happen.

I'm researching this at the moment and hit on this post. Immediately asked myself how this got past me and then I saw that I'm not following you when I thought I was.

Now to start reading everything else I missed! 😮

Haha ... thanks :)
Hit me if you need something.

Looks like a dump and a race to bitcoin.

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