New Hive Accounts | Who is onboarding?

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I was doing a similar report to this one when we were on Steem. Back then most of the new accounts, somewhere in the range between 70% to 80%, were created by Steemit Inc. The number of new accounts was around 10k per month in the last two years. Looking back at it now, it looks like Steemit Inc was just creating accounts for the sake of it. Not real users.


Now the central authority is gone, and it is interesting to check the data again.

How many accounts are created?
Who is creating them?
How many of them are active?

Hive started on March 21st. We will be looking in the period after Hive was created March 21st till August 8th.

Number of accounts created

Here is the chart for the number of accounts created in the period.


A total of 30,300 Hive accounts were created in the period.

The daily average is around 217 accounts.

We can see some spikes in the beginning with more than 500 accounts created per day, and later again at the end of May. From then there is a slow decline in the numbers of accounts created to just below 200 per day in the last month.

On a monthly level we are around 7k average, that compared with the Steem historical pumped numbers around 10k is not bad at all.

Who created the accounts?

Below is a chart for the account creators.


As mentioned with Steemit Inc out of the picture it is interesting to see who is now creating most of the accounts.

The @esteemapp is in the lead with almost 9k accounts created, followed by @steemmonsters with 8.5k accounts. These two apps have created 2/3 of all new accounts. Next is @tipu with 4.6k accounts, or 15% share.

Having more apps that create new accounts and onboard users is critical for Hive.

Bellow is a chart with the number of account creators per day.


On average there is around 20 different accounts creator each day. For the period there is a total of 803 different accounts creators.

Accounts Distribution per Number of Posts

How active were the new accounts? Do they got rewarded for their activities?

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and how much they posted.

The accounts are grouped in 4 groups:

  • Accounts with 0 posts
  • Accounts with 1 post
  • Accounts with 2 to 5 posts
  • Accounts with more than 5 posts

Comments are also included in the number of posts.


A majority 75% of the accounts that were created didn’t posted at all. A 5% posted only once, 8.6% posted between 2 and 5 times.

10.5% of the accounts posted more than 5 times. This number is better from the Steem era when it was around 3% to 5%.

Note that these are numbers just for the post activity. As we are seening there is more options on the blockchain now, then just posting. For example a Splinterlands player, who is making custom jsons transactions will not be register above.

Will be interesting to take a look at how many of the new accounts are making custom jsons transactions, but not posting.

Accounts Distribution per Balance

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and their distribution according to the balance of the account. The balance is approximate and not totally accurate.


A majority, 56.7% of the accounts created in the period have 0 balance. A 35.4% have balance between 0 and 1, 2% are between 1 to 5 HIVE.
The rest of the accounts share 6% are in the groups with a balance more than 5 HIVE.

The balance doesn’t include the delegated HIVE that the accounts get.

Top 10 new accounts with the largest number of posts

Here are the top 10 accounts created in the period and had the biggest number of posts and comments.

RankUserPosts and comments

@creativemary is dominant in the first place.

Top 10 accounts with the biggest balance

Here are the top 10 accounts created in period with the biggest balance.

RankAccountTotal Balance

Note here as well that the balance is approximate.

Some of these are community projects, some new regular users, exchanges etc.

My personal view on the new accounts numbers is that they seems to be more real now then before on Steem, when Steemit Inc was creating a massive chunk of the accounts that were doing nothing. The share of active accounts from the newly created ones is still not as big, at least when we look at it from posting activity. But its bigger than before. Also I guess the number of accounts making custom jsons and not posting is quite big, having in mind the numbers of accounts Splinterlands created.

All the best

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It would be interesting to see what the accounts usage was with custom json versus posting.

I recall you did a post detailing the different types of transactions on Hive. That was really interesting.

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Yes, just in this case for new accounts only.
Will put it in the to do list :)


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@creativemary has been an absolute beast since she started no one can stop her lol and she does it all manually that's what blows my mind. I wonder what is the percentage of new accounts that stay active, whats the average time frame a new user stays active and we can see what the drop off rate is like and how long someone is willing to try it out.

Yea I was surprised she is new :)

Hey! Time has passed by fast hasn't it? I have found in Hive a great place to be at as a creative person, glad to this amazing statistic, thanks!

Thanks so much!

It's certainly very encouraging to see us growing more active than Steemit, with more real usage from these accounts instead of smurfs to inflate onboarding numbers and votes. It's also pretty neat to see more variety not just with, but across to Splinterlands and the like. Pretty awesome stuff, and here's hoping we'll see plenty more users join along soon :-D

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Great data, thanks for sharing! I just want to note that accounts created by @postpromoter are also Splinterlands accounts. We use the account creation tokens on the @postpromoter account when @steemmonsters runs out.

Wasnt awere of postpromoter creating accounts for Splinterlands. The numbers are even higher for Splinterlands then :)

Is this cheating?

Or do they have good intentions in terms of multiplying accounts ??

Or it is better if those who have been named by @dalz can provide an explanation via comments on this @dalz post..
So that they still smell good and the hive community does not have prejudice...

And I am very curious about this phenomenon....!

That's why @dalz has got a call from @theycallmedan to explain why he's going against the status quo.. and to prove his loyalty.

YOU REPORT THE TRUTH AGAIN AND YOU ARE DONE HERE PAL!! Now, about that loyalty.. how do you like the taste of toe jam.. eat motherfcker!

Is it true?
Then where did you get that information?

Not sure what you mean ....

Maybe they have important goals that are well-meaning for this platform,
Is it possible.?

Man how do you not see you just revealed how fake Hive is. That it's full of zombie accounts.
Be careful man.
The cult will kick your honest ass out!

Then what is the purpose of the zombie account?

All social media do it. That's why shadowbanning is a thing. Platforms depend heavily our their userbase NUMBERS. But this here is a money game so zombies are needed to attract money.

Splinterlands is celebrated as a success by those high user numbers. I'm not saying it's not a good concept but the real HUMAN activity might be much lower than they claim.

Yes,,, I understand now ,,
Your explanation makes perfect sense ..

So, if the big whale does something like that there is nothing in the way, but if the little fish who does his account directly gets banned, this is unfair, unfriendly, no love ...

Maybe there must be a middle way to heed all of this ...

Everyone wants to show their work on the platform, not politics ...

That's what obsesses over me all this time, maybe other people are obsessed with the same thing...

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You are welcome :)

The stats!
Hey man I respect your work and wonder if you are willing to do a deep dig..
A long time ago I discovered automated account creation on steemit..
It has a clear scripted/bot influence

@aaa @aab @abb
@bbb ....

Then there's generic accounts of words (even offensive ones like @nigger @nazi @whore then even more simply generic words like @kangaroo @rabbit @water etc.. oh yeah that's an account too @etc

So clearly it goes on and on then the variants mean that there would be a very large amount of these dummy accounts. Many created at the very beginning of steemit. So obviously it was to create fake user numbers.

There's sinister work at play too because some established names were then taking those steem out of those accounts and hording.

So that's a thing then.. still.
Creating accounts for the sake of numbers.

Which in the end just reflects bad on this operation. If you're interested in investigating maybe you value this comment. If you do investigate and don't report the findings I can understand that too as it will reflect bad on some big wigs here.
Which is why when I mentioned it back in 2017 those big wigs didn't like my actions.

Anyway that's the beauty of Blockchain.
That data is always there for the finding.

Yeah... I would have thought that in the future account creation will have an automatic take over process if a challenge is completed within a year... or whatever other period.

Imagine that an account has 10 HIVE staked and has zero activity for more than a year. Then, I would like to own that account, but because it was early created I can't right. Then I would be able to broadcast a challenge request for more than 10 HIVE at least (or whatever is the balance but only staked values of that account, any liquids should not count and would be lost). Anyone would be able to do the same, and after the first challenge is broadcasted, 1 year (or less) has to elapse... after the period, the biggest challenge will take over that account. The lost challenges will lose their challenge (do incentivise fake takeovers), and those HIVE's would be burned. The account that was taken over will also lose the HIVE to @null. If within the 1 year period the being challenged account transacts, then the challenge process is reset and all challenged amounts are also lost to @null. This is a way to defend real accounts and again decentivise attacks to real accounts.

This idea acts as a chance to reduce account creation domination and also adds additional value to the blockchain for wanted names.

Yeah that's a good idea man but you first need to have access to those keys and know who created them idle accounts. Then hope that person wants to be constructive. And this place doesn't like good productive ideas. That's why spam/zombie accounts exist because they create a fabricated and falsely inflated network.

I now suspect that this recent report which shows many accounts created by steemmonsters/splinterlands is just that. Zombie accounts to paint a false picture of greater user numbers in those ecosystems. If Leofinance is doing the same thing then that's very deceptive of both those so-called "successful dapps".

This is why I see this make believe "most popular Blockchain community" as more like a cult, now one crowded mainly with cardboard cutouts. There was once a greater growth of real users so zombie accounts weren't a big problem. It's obvious now they make the bulk of Hive.

Very troubling.
Because no big investor would take this serious when they see how fake it actually is.

I think you did not understand well what I said. Anyhow, I have posted a more detailed example of my idea, if you know how, you should find it out.

Yeah true I didn't really.
Reading your blog I still don't though.
But I get it enough to realise, if that can be done why hasn't it?
Wouldn't it be a positive for Hive to recover the funds in those zombie accounts?
Apart from inflated user numbers, why would so many idle accounts be needed?

But I get it enough to realise, if that can be done why hasn't it?

If all was as simple as that way of putting out things... gosh... maybe I am getting old and slow... Anyway, everyone is doing what they can/able. Just because an idea looks good, it sometimes doesn't mean it should be implemented. There is more that needs to be done around it, like context, strategy, long term planning, consequences prediction/studies... I know this is all an experiment, but it's a very complex and large scale one with an unprecedented number of reasons it will forever be in the Crypto History. So, not as easy as it might look at first sight anymore. Anyway... I should shut... otherwise you going to fall asleep.

Wouldn't it be a positive for Hive to recover the funds in those zombie accounts?

My idea is to recover the account name, not the funds. Although in my detailed explanation I did not consider the liquid ones (that would effectively be taken over). The staked ones though would be lost. And the vision behind it is to de-incentivise attacks to "steal" funds from zombie accounts. I don't wanna promote robbery, the idea is to balance the ideological view of the effort perceived when trying to exploit blockchains, improving the relation between the two ends (good and bad).

Apart from inflated user numbers, why would so many idle accounts be needed?

You need to research a bit more. There are multiple reasons why accounts are created and sometimes not used. Most of them are actually with good intentions and/or reasons. But the main purpose of my idea was actually to protect/change the view of the desire to exploit. Some people just wanna do bad things because of hate or jealous. The beauty of open tech is that you can't think what is "right" you have to think as "everyone" might think. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail to face what you should be prepared to deal with when you were not.

I suggest you keep reading more. You seem to want to know more, and I can only tell you it will give you more clarity about the subjects you seek the answer to.

You're too diplomatic.
I guess you want in to that coder club here or you want to rise in position.

What reason could there be for the @aaa @bbb @ccc @etc accounts? Accumulatively likely meaning hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars when they existed.

Also @smooth then took all those funds...
So what's the noble reason there?

Then @themarkymark revealed an ever bigger spam account scheme that was authorized by
So what is the noble reason there?

It's ancient history but essentially the nutshell of this operation.


Here's my original comment

This was the original blog post
back when @themarkymark was useful.

So nostalgic reading that old post too. So many heads that have long faded.


Very interesting post. Honestly it would surprise me that Steemit, Inc would just create accounts for no reason (before Justin Sun).

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majority arent even posting? 🤣 that sucks