200 Posts, 50HP and 50LP, and selling my LEO...

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I've now reached 200 posts/comments by Ecency's count, surpassed 50 Hive Power, and reached 50 LEO Power. I've also sold some LEO... you might be asking why I would do that.

You see, after selling my LEO, I immediately used the resulting Hive to buy some LEOM. Now, I don't have much LEOM, but I plan on buying more as I get more author rewards.

I also want to thank the LeoFinance community in general as well as @onealfa in particular for all their votes.

I'm going to try to get at least two posts written ahead of time so I can begin scheduling them as daily posts. I hope to keep making content on a variety of topics for the foreseeable future.


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October 2020 is the World Mental Heath Month

Looks like you resolved the bit of downtime you had there, though it looks like I didn't receive a Weekly Author badge even though my post you replied to should've been number 7.

Indeed, you deserve a badge for the week.
To be honest, we have encountered a few issues with the recent hardfork 24 and something wrong must have happened.

Our apologies @death-and-taxes. We've fixed that and your badge should arrive soon:

Thanks, everything seems to be in order now.

Thank you for your feedback.
BTW, we miss your witness vote. Do you mind to cast it to us? It would be much appreciated.
You will get one more badge and bigger upvotes from us when we notify you.

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