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Hey lovelies it's your favorite girl @debbie-ese.

I will like to ask a question,
In the world we live in today where machines are programed to carry out various functions, what then is the essence of human?

Yh we have robots, machines to actually carry out good services and at the end the say thank you and ask that you rate their services delivery. This and many more is what is programmed in these machines, app etc.

But human feeling in key someone walks up to you and say hello you also say hello with a wow smile "how are you doing today, how may I serve you" and the person goes on to say I want this and that services, and then you go ahead to help out in what the person issue, and when you are done you ask if there is any thing you can do for him/her
Instantly you would know weather or not the person enjoyed your service before he leaves.

But in recent times in some part of Africa people would say these machines are preferable because they are well mannered than human, funny right but it's disheartening to have a human flag down another human for service failure, because you walk up to a service person and what he / she does is to stretch out the he hands to take your details and give the customer back after its process and then the customer collect it and walk away trust me such experience will speak bad of the brand.

I want to take these opportunities to talk to hover who are service person to take customer service courses watch videos short clips, after a few classes your customers will love your services and give you recommendations. Trust me.

Thank you for your time lovelies.
The post is originally written by me 💕@debbie-ese💕

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Good customer service and relation is important in a business or organization.

Exactly sir, help raise the volume😍