How to add CUB to your Metamask wallet.

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It has been just over 24 hours since Cub Finance went live bringing with it incredibly high value yield farms (at least at the moment) some as high as 10,000% in particular farms.

As we wait for the CUB token claim drop, you probably need to understand how to go about setting up your Metamask to hold the token.

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Actually, at this very moment you can purchase CUB tokens using the internal exchange on Cub Finance by swapping one of the many available tokens for CUB.


So, how do you go about adding CUB token to your Metamask wallet?

Before you add the token, you have to ensure that you are on the Binance Smart Chain Network.


For that, there is a fantastic resource on the Club Finance website in the docs section - How to Connect Metamask to BSC and CubFinance.

Once you are done setting that up, the next step is to add CUB token to your wallet.

  1. Click on Add Token.
  2. Go to Custom Token and paste the CUB Token Contract Address.

That is all. The rest of the details will automatically fill and all you have to do is approve.


You should then see CUB Token listed among your assets and populated with your current holdings.

Leave any questions in the comments below if you have any issues and I will definitely try and help you solve it.

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Do your know if this will populate metamask with CUB tokens that are staking in DENs?

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Yes. Once you harvest it will automatically populate.

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My first DeFi experience. It turns out I'm not retarded, ETHEREUM and their gas fees are retarded.

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Same here. I saw the fees on Uniswap and my balls shriveled. Binance Smart Chain is the future of DeFi.

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