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RE: Gold! (and some silver...)

in LeoFinance8 months ago

Ooo gold! That and all the rest are good stuff. I sold some silver the other day. Stuff I wasn’t sentimental about... and I made a good profit with my three coins bringing me about $10 each more than I paid for them. 🎉

The Marie Curie coin is cool. I was reading a story about a month or so ago about the radium girls. All young women during WWI who worked in factories painting radium paint onto clock faces. It was super interesting and sad. They were all young and would glow at night out at clubs because of the radium that covered them while they worked. It was considered glamorous until they all got horrific cancers and their faces and such started sloughing off! Eeewww!

But still. Super interesting read. And there is going to be a movie.


I had heard some story about these Radium Girls... I can't remember where though! I will have to see if there is going to be a movie... or at least find the book. It sort of reminds me of the early days of Chemistry... where there would be a table of the elements and compounds, and there would be a column with "taste". Who the hell licks a random piece of metal/compound/potential poison???

There is going to be a movie! 😍