ARCHON Governance - the first proposal is LIVE!

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If you have any staked ARCHON, or ARCHONM miners, you should come and participate in the very first live proposal using the ARCHON GP (Governance Power) based proposal system. This system is under development, come and participate in this new, active and developing tribe!

Vote here on a change to ARCHONM Hive rewards!

First, let's mention that the ARCHONM miners have sold out at 20 hive. Under recommendation from the community, the last 50 of the only 1000 miner tokens have been staggered in price up to 40 hive. We won't reveal our medium term price targets for this exclusive token in this article, because while there are still some unsold for sale, no one can complain about not being allowed to participate.

This proposal will divide up the HIVE rewards that are sent to the miners. Instead of one winner every hour, there will be four account-unique winners of 1/4 the amount of HIVE, keeping all else equal. This should expand the reach of the liquid HIVE portion of the mining rewards, as well as lay the ground work to scale up those same rewards. This is all apart from testing the very promising Governance Power Proposal System!

Only 50% of Governance Power is locked up in the ARCHONM miner tokens, the other 50% is decided by staked ARCHON. It will be interesting to see what happens to this low supply, but still inflationary token once the governance system is put into place.

Imagine then that your tribe's Governance Power could be determined by your own algorithm. Your own proposal system, your own GP algorithm and list, all you have to do is burn some ARCHON and stake some ARCHON.....

Experimental governance is the path forward.

Projects that team up, developers that dream up, collaboration of free wills will produce better outcomes for everyone. This is the important work of our day, and we invite you to be a part of it.

If you are already a member of the #archon tribe, vote here, or power up some ARCHON tokens and become a member. Using #archon or #upfundme on your posts is welcome, document your progress in life and participate in all that the tribe achieves.

This is not financial advice. You must do your own diligence for your finances. But for those of you interested in tokens that 'actually do something', consider researching more on this project.

Come join us in the Discord

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Yeah, I'm pretty pumped about the potential changes to miners, you sum up the benefits nicely.

Petitions should make an appearance here soon(ish) too...