BLURT forks pre-launch - Zapata is born (too!)

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As reported in our previous post, BLURT had a poll. What we didn't know was that in 24 hours, it would close, with just 25 people participating. Here are the results as of this morning, 24 hours after the 24 hour poll closed:

So what does this mean for everyone with Steem stake prior to HF23? Now there will be two airdrops, both based on similar development of the technology, but one with STEEMIT stake, and one without.

Zapata has announced a laser-focused core mission of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Talking with their team, they have very interesting ideas quite similar to a project already within our Synergy Fund, @quintaesencia, which is about incentivizing the transparent documentation of sustainable development projects, transparency in governance initiatives and other such improvements in the developing world - creating positive change anywhere that encouraging transparent documentation would create better outcomes.

Imagine being able to award a scholarship bit by bit, but only unlocking each piece as the student uploads the homework. Such an 'upvote scholarship' would have a very different dynamic than the bloated academic bureaucracy in today's institutions. STEEM was once poised to be a solution to problems like this, and perhaps many more, but now it seems that each project will try to solve less problems - and maybe that is for the better.

Certainly HIVE is not a great solution for this, with its focus on using upvotes and downvotes to find 'quality', one could easily see geopolitics getting into the fray. If one government or Non-Governmental Organization tried to reward its citizens or members with the 'reward pool', an enemy of that nation or organization might come and take away all the aid. Let's just say that Hive has its use case, and its not this.

Blurt's mission, on the other hand, is much more general - including: rapid multi-chain deployment, new improved consensus governance models and open source initiatives. Since these 3 things are topics that we consider very important here at the SYNERGY Fund, we will be keeping an eye on Blurt as well for further specifics and their roadmap.

Our witness, @lootkit.witness, will attempt to be a witness for one or both of these chains, depending on how things develop moving forward. As we often commented with STEEM, but still true for the 4 graphene brothers, we are living on the forefront of the development of future forms of governance, and it is quite likely that all these interactions will be studied by future anthropologists for clues and lessons.

This is not advice, it is History. Always do your own Homework

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Do you know on which chain will tokenBB be available ?

@thecryptodrive will be associated with Blurt, which makes me think that the tokenBB project from build team will most likely be there.

Thank you @ecoinstats, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Interesting :) There's always something to learn

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

Thank you for your comment. There have been some talk about a max cap (for example 33k). The reason they start with already existing (and problematic) blockchains is that they get people interested (because they already have stake). The 'start' of any blockchain seems to be the hard part.

If you try voice out, we would appreciate if you would come back and leave us a review of how it went for you! Thank you!