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@ecoinstant has gone full 'Man Cave' blogger as well as becoming a large holder of the new BRO tokens on hive-engine. Announced just days ago, the BRO token will share daily curation rewards with its holders. This is a pretty simple scheme, one in which other members of the fund use and one in which we support.

What makes BRO different from these other coins?

For starters, its sitting on a 300,000 HP delegation.

Since the main account doesn't get counted for curation, early investors in BRO token are receiving outsized rewards, which off course will diminish as more investors pile in. For now, there is a lot of active excitement and a growing buzz among the discord and the richlist:

Apart from HIVE curation rewards, @brofund will also soon be implementing sharing of tribal curation, including LEO, NEOXAG and PAL.

This was just announced by @RaymondSpeaks:

The price of the coin is 2 hive on the hive engine market. @raymondspeaks has promised a detailed roadmap of the token release schedule. We are pending more information.

A great group of guys gets together and gestates on good ideas and other gallantry.

We will be watching closely what @brofund does with the swap.hive funds raised in the token sale. If these funds are reinvested smartly and/or powered up, this project may just be an unstoppable train.

This is not advice, its history. Do your own diligence on any project, and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

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Sweet post man, this looks like an awesome project and i have full faith that Ray will give us something great. I cant wait until some sort of roadmap is released

I see you claimed your top token spot back :) Damn!!

Great sharing post!!

So glad to see this. I only found @raymondspeaks recently. Sweet guy! Enjoying my small BRO holdings... wish to add more! :D

It is an awesome project from what I saw so far. I just picked up another batch of BRO tokens.

Seems like a good one to keep adding to the bags.

I am very interested to see the road map when it rolls out.

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Thank you @ecoinstats, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Bought some more!

Ah that’s a hefty price for a token lol I won’t be able to buy into that kind of price but hoping to earn some through curation and rewards for posting in the group. Like that there’s a man cave type of place to post random things but cool things that don’t apply to most communities!

Good thing is, right now the supply is limited. And you earn 50% of the curation rewards. So I added 150 BRO to receive 1 Hive daily.

Nice that's some good return! Someday I will get there hehe. Trying to stack some tokens that have been doing really well long term like LEO before I make jumps to new tokens when I don't have a lot of liquid hive available.