Isn't HIVE keeping LeoFinance back?

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The team behind LeoFinance is showing day by day that they are just exceptional. Launch of wLEO is going to happen next week and the team wanted to have a very nice landing page before all of that happens.

They were pretty successful in my opinion. The landing page shows all of the important stuff, which is the most important part.

You can check it out here -

The growth of LEO ecosystem can get insane because the token is yet to be added on exchanges and websites that tracks prices of cryptocurrencies. The circulating supply is still also very small and it will take a long time before the maximum supply is achieved.

LEO token price is again increasing these past couple of days, but I think the most crazy thing is how small the market capitalization is - less than one million dollars. Similar market capitalizations have dead projects that don't have any community support whatsoever, but are being traded on some exchanges regardless.

I like HIVE even though it has its problems (some of them are pretty recent), but don't you think HIVE is keeping LeoFinance back? Shouldn't projects like LeoFinance actually exist on its own blockchain with parameters and structure to perfectly match the needs?

On the other hand, if LeoFinance didn't start on HIVE they wouldn't probably have this kind of support. So I guess both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but I would like to have your opinion on this matter too.

Thank you!

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A community is strongest when united. Leo rises and so will the rest. In the end the community will be better off.

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This is an interesting question. Personally, I view the primary value of Hive as being the base layer for projects like LeoFinance.

Without hive, gaining community support, getting feedback, building great tools, etc. would all be a lot more difficult.

@nealmcspadden made a comment recently on twitter saying that Hive is a great incubator for startups like LeoFinance. I think that viewpoint is a good stance to take. This blockchain has huge potential from a technology and layer 0 point of view

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Exactly. Building a blockchain from scratch is a lot harder than building on one that already exists. And when SMTs are finally here...