My First Trading Experience With LeoDex: The Power of LEO Tokens

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Hi everyone.
Learning and advancing oneself is one thing that must happen on a more consistent note. A few day ago, i was introduced to a trading app by leofinance. In my desire and drive to know more, i carried out a trade with leodex.


Just like our local markets, LeoDex is an online marketing app for trading LEO and Hive for any other token of our choice but we must be sure to avoid emotional trading.

What is Emotional Trading
Chill man and take out a good time to make some visibility studies of the token you want to invest on. Trading is termed emotional when a trader or investor lets his personal feelings and emotions impact their decision-making. Sometimes it can be helpful, but usually bringing emotion into trading is a bad idea because the slightest lapse in controlling your emotions will ruin your accumulated hard-earned profits just in a twinkling of eye.

For me i think the best time to trade is when the token you want to exchange for the other hits a high while the one you want to acquire is dipping, with that you will be able to acquire more for less.

Applying the MFL Concept
When the prices of things goes down, people acquire more of that particular product with a lesser resources and vice versa. In trading, it is necessary for a trading to watch the market demand of the product he wants to acquire to avoid lost.

My Mum one time used to sell cloths. The truth is that the business was a profitable one. Up until the time I and my siblings finished elementary school, mum was super rich in the business but things started going a little woopy as many traders came into the business.

It is important to also note that when the demands for a particular products is high, the price will automatically go higher as well and when the demand goes down, the price reduces and at this time you can acquire more. So mum started buying at a higher amount and could not make a huge profit from it because the demand for it at that time became less due to high cost.

LeoDex app has a user friendly inter-phase and it is very easy to use. Off course you must always do the ritual and login.

I thinking that keychain would be the best and very secure for your account. It is your right to protect your assets.

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I must say it was really a sweet experience and it gave me a great joy to know that i could use just a few of my LEO tokens to buy up to a 90000 SPORTS token with about 4.805 LEO token.

People don't grow when the base their lives on doing just one kind of thing always. I can trade comfortably on LeoDex with or without any guide from anywhere.

A Few Things i Learnt while Trading With LeoDex

  • You can deposit hive to LeoDex.


  • You can also withdraw hive


  • You could change the view of the graphic flow


  • Easy trading interphase for new users.

If you are buying, your order appears on the buy other and if your order is lesser in price than the previous one and the same happens in the selling order. This post is limited to my first experience with LeoDex app meaning that i am still understudying the app and in subsequent times and with more discoveries that will help others my post about LeoDex will be far healthy than this.

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I tried it today too
Its simple and easy to use.
Loved it.

Congratulations to you man.


Thank you!