Ponzi Investment VS Crypto-vestment

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It is really disheartening imaging how people would rather choose to invest their resources into something that has no reward. The deception in ponzi scheme is so alarming yet people still prefer to dump in resources into it.


There is a problem in the world and that problem is that people want to have it easier way without following the process.

I have never been a fan of the ponzi thing because i take time to ask myself a series of questions like:

  • What product are they selling?
  • How sustainable is it?
  • How is funding possible with increasing number of investors?
  • Are they a financial institution? and lot more.

Ponzi Scheme is a form of fraud that seduces an investor into investing into nothing and pays profits to earlier investors with accumulated funds from more recent investors. Sincerely this cannot be reliable because in the case of any upraise of investors, the scheme stand no ground in being able to pay them.

The ponzi scheme is nothing short of the pyramid scheme where referrals is the major means of generating funds to settle previous investors.

A few years ago, i was introduced to some called RIIAB that is Residual Income in a Box. Now RIIAB was like you will register with $3 which was equivalent to 1000 in my currency and after your registration, you just refer three more persons and you stand a chance of getting $18 which is like 6000 of my currency. Funny enough i never got to refer the three people and just in few days RIIAB became history.


The first ever recorded incident of the ponzi scheme happened between 1869 to 1872 by Adele Spitzeder in Germany and by Sarah Howe in the United States in the 1880s through the "Ladies' Deposit".

Typically, Ponzi schemes require an initial investment and promise above average returns and this scheme is always introduced when there a inflation in a particular place meaning that no ponzi scheme survives in a place where people are economically okay. The basic premise of a Ponzi scheme is "to rob Peter to pay Paul" meanwhile the blockchain is not like that.

Basically the word crypto-vestment is just combo for Cryptocurrency investment. As we all know that cryptocurrencies are digital assets and crypto-vestment simply means investing into cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies doesn't exist in physical forms like the fiat currency, they are digital assets stored up in your digital wallet just as you put cash into your bank account.

An example of cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Bitcoin, first released as open-source software in 2009, is the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Since the release of bitcoin, over 6,000 alternative variants of bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies have been created.

In crypto-vestment, you don't need to wait for others to invest for you to get your profit all you need is to just invest and as the coin grows to become a widely accepted token your investment becomes meaningful. You don't pull your resources to someone that has to wait for others to register for him to pay you. In crypto-vestment, you have total control over your investment that is you decide how much you want to invest and nobody seduces you into acquiring what you don't want.

Examples of cheap cryptocurrencies to invest in are: LEO, HIVE, SPORTS and STEEM. Now perhaps you would ask why i used the word cheap, it is because you can acquire them just with a resource as your time. Alot of people don't know that time is actually a great resources.


A few day ago, SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) announce the acceptance of cryptocurrency in Nigeria as a medium of exchange and this already is a good news to crypto-vestors.

Join the moving train now and forgot the dead ponzi scheme.

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