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Some days ago, i was engaged in a open conversation with my colleagues at the office and our subject of discussion was about our second layer tokens on the hive blockchain and to my greatest awe, none of them was aware of the fact that there are actually a second layer tokens or what is sometimes called community tokens and that these tokens cannot be seen on their hive wallet.

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Some times our effectiveness to a particular is limited not because we don't have the drive to push further but because we are not aware of the tools at our disposal to foster our progress. In my previous post of My first experience using LeoDex i took a little time to write all i knew then about the dapp LeoDex but this time i will make it much better than the previous one.



Actually LeoDex is a trading app for the LEO finanace token and other tokens. It is some ward an exchange app but it is limited to the second layer tokens of the hive blockchain. And you will also get to know about other apps that works with LeoDex.

@khaleelkazi month gave a brief explanation of the Second-layer tokens and said Second-layer tokens have been a fascinating development on the Hive blockchain. The origination of the second-layer rewards token concept started with a vision for SMTs - Smart Media Tokens.

It is pertinent that we be vested with the technical know-hows on how to monitor and also control our tokens using leodex and this post will help us understand leodex.

How I started using LeoDex

Off course no one is an high land of knowledge so to that end, i was introduced to both HiveStat and LeoDex at the same time. To effectively use leodex, you first of all have to load the page and endeavor you are log in to be able to view your tokens. Watch the top right corner of the page to see if you are log in.


One thing you will quickly notice after you've log in is a summary of worth. LeoDex takes out a good time to run a total of all your assets and estimate your hive value, Leo value and the value of your account in US dollars. One of the most important thing about a wallet is that it tells you have much you have at your disposal at a time just in case you would wanna make a transaction so at the top left corner, you will see your total leo token.

From here, you are at liberty to trade any of your token for another. So you wanna trade, just locate the token you wanna trade, click on the market icon and you will be taken to the global market space of leofinance where you can do all your trading.

In my previous post while i talked about my first experience trading with LeoDex, i mentioned emotional trading and am sure i will not be careful to mention that here again.

Now just the same thing that happens when you go to the market to buy your groceries is about the same thing that happens here. A little carefulness will be demanded though.

For instance you wanna trade LEO for SPORTS, you first of all search for sport. Well SPORT tokens are still a second layer token just as LEO is but you acquire it by publishing sport related content. You could try it out Join the trend and become a whale today.

Avoid emotional buying and take your time to understudy the prospect of the token you wanna acquire. I have so much hope for the sport token to hit $1 in the next few months.

LeoDex & Hive Engine


So there are really no difference between LeoDex and Hive Engine so for mw i would prefer to do a collaboration of the two app to give it a unified name leoive.

Just as Hive Engine, Leodex gives you all the details you need to have about your second layer tokens. So a whole lot of persons would think that because the apps are called differently that the two apps does different things.

Check out your second layer tokens and try to make much gain with it.

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