Shitcoins Today: Issue #2

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         Today, we take a look at a project that is currently going through a change in management. We will also take a look at a tribe token related to that project.

         Some background: the screenshot is about the game Holy Bread. In the picture is one of the former team members of the project.

         For those of you who don't know, the same team operated the tribe SteemAce. Their frontend is now defunct. But, you can still observe some history from the @steem-ace account. SteemAce was gaming-based tribe similar to Battle Games. The tribe token was GG, as in "good game".

         Holy Bread also has its own Steem Engine token with the ticker HBC. This asset is similar to the DEC players would trade for Splinterlands. HBC had in-game uses and functioned as rewards for players to cash out.

         Why am I talking about this now dead coin and the game? Let's go back to the screenshot above.

Hobby Project

         There is nothing wrong with hobby projects. In fact, I bet a lot of the utilities you use on Hive started off as those. The difference here is whether "investors" knew that was the intention from the start. I use "investors" as a loose term because they are most likely people who threw money into Holy Bread, etc.

         The COVID-19 outbreak coincided with the team's sudden silence. Some feared the worst could have happened. I'm glad that was not the case.

         Several days ago, a team member told the rest of the community that they were abandoning Holy Bread. I'm sure that didn't sit well with many people who sat there clicking away for the last several weeks. Nah, I'm sure they were bot users. Prior to that announcement, the SteemAce tribe was pretty much dead in terms of team activity.

         In some ways, this is could be a case of caveat emptor (or let the buyers beware). No harm, for the most part, came to the buyers of GG or Holybread. It may be a slight nuisance for those who had hoped their shitcoin would moon, or be another source of income.

         Regardless of how you feel, if you had bought the tokens or invested in the game, that's on you. You are the ones buying centralized shittokens after all.


         I did say there was a change in management. Almost as soon as the original team announced their exit, @simplegame took over. He made a post about the acquisition and road map for the game.

         With limited information available, the new team does plan on moving the game over to Hive. And from that post, they are looking for talents that would want to develop Holy Bread.

         As for the now dead tribe and GG, well, I am 95% sure it's dead. There's nothing else there to salvage and Battle is a viable alternative. The only downside is that you cannot delegate your Battle tokens.

         That's only a minor annoyance. I've done the same before with STEM and it worked out all right.

Disclaimer: the author did hold GG and played Holy Bread before Justin Sun screwed up the chain.

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Every coin is someone's shitcoin

Friends don't let friends buy shitcoins.

Unless they have a bag they need to get rid of!

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Well, that’s a different story.

Is a shitcoin still a shitcoin if its obviously a shitcoin but somebody gets a lamboyacht out of it?


Is the game dead as well? I haven't logged into it in forever. I kind of learned my less after the whole Drug Wars thing about investing any of my tokens into a game. Besides Splinterlands I tend to stay away from most of them now.

Dead in the sense that it's not on Hive.

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

Always appreciate the beer.

Can I has a beer too plz?

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!BEER to you too! 👍

Apparently, @simplegame picked it up, and has a teem that intends to move it to Hive and continue development.

That's the same announcement I linked in my post.