Hive-Engine Witness Setup, Part 1 - Choosing The VPS Host

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Bear with me, please. This story will unfold in at least two parts if not more.

  • choosing and ordering the hosting VPS service
  • installing OS
  • installing everything needed for the Hive-Engine witness node to run
  • enabling the node and catching up the blocks
  • ...

Part 1 - the hosting

To my limited knowledge, there are two popular hosting providers for Hive based services - Privex and Hetzner. They are more, of course. What buggers me is that nobody is willing to tell me what service they are using.

OK, I did a bit of research, not much, and went with Hetzner. This was on Friday night. I registered and then they wanted me to pay upfront 20 bucks to show that I am serious enough to be their customer. I found that strange and decided to sleep it over.

The next morning I tried to log into Hetzner console and found out that my account is disabled. After some searching around it was apparent that this is a regular procedure. Eh ... I sent an email with a complaint and didn't get any response. It was Saturday after all and outside the office hours.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I did some more research and decided that another provider fits my expectations. It was ...

Time4VPS* hosting

They are a Lithuania-based company with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Time4VPS - VPS hosting in Europe

Yes, the asterisk marked link is an affiliate link. You get it immediately and not after several payments as with Hetzner.

I quickly registered an account with them and opted for their VPS Linux Server 8 offer. This should be more than enough for a Hive-Engine node, now and in the foreseeable future.

Follow me with ordering the server.

100 € without VAT for one year.

Wait a second. Their front page offers a discount. Yes, there is a discount when ordering from the home page!

50 € for the first year and 100 € for the next years. Good enough for me.

After the click on the Checkout button ...

What the f... ?

In the mailbox ...

My answer ...


Pinging their support ...

They are blasting quick! Three minutes to confirm the KYC and respond!

Commended and recommended!

After the payment, you receive two emails with an invoice and the OS setup instructions, attached below.

Here the first chapter of this novel ends.

Next, how to set up the server and install everything needed for the Hive-Engine witness node to run. This part was a breeze at the start too and then it encountered a roadblock.

Stay tuned for the next part tomorrow ...

Ps: I will watch the Superbowl match :)

Better and better

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Yup, most people tend to use privex because they can pay with hive or hetzner because they are cheap. I have a mix of servers with both, and also with digital ocean and ovh because I heard of them first(VPS with both only) and with VULTR because they offer servers with close physical distance to me(in Chicago) and I like stuff with low latency from time to time.


Hey, thanks for this insight. Time4VPS looks great at the moment. I hope it stays so :)

Also, thanks for naming the providers. I don't know why the witnesses, especially those for Hive, hide these important details - VPS provider, configuration, ... We should help each other because whem we work together our network is stronger.

Have a great Monday.


Ps: I am really anxious to get my first witness sign. It's a matter of luck when you don't have enough votes, isn't it?

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Looks to be a very competitive price

It's not the cheapest yet I find it reasonable. We'll see how it turns out.