What 10 $LEO a day looks like in Venezuela (I invite you to do this)

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A few days ago I found in my feed a really impressive publication from @blind-spot, where he shared what he could do in a day with some $LEO in his country Ukraine, and I saw that it is a very realistic vision of how to apply the cryptomonies to the fiat economy of any country, when I read this it seemed a great idea because even in Venezuela with 10 $LLEO you can buy something that can help you in your day to day. I know that the economy of my country is not stable at all, we suffer from a constant hyperinflation and the inputs are valued in dollars and the minimum wage is around $2 per month, but unlike the local economy, LEO's economy is much more stable and gives me a point in my favor, but what does not help me at all are the high commissions they charge me to change the cryptomonies for money in BOLIVARS. Yesterday, I needed to buy some things in my home so I saw the opportunity to show what you can buy in my country with 10 $LEO.

What 10 LEO a day looks like in Venezuela 1.jpg

As I said, because of the high comic books I had to change 13,400 $LEO to have exactly 10 LEOs left. When I made the retido, each LEO was worth $0.48 (0.48 X 13.4 = $6.4) but subtracting the commissions I got $5.1 and yesterday's rate at 9AM was Bs 1,605,607 per dollar and when I changed the $5.1 I got Bs 8,188,595 (5.1 X 1,605,607 = Bs 8,188,595) and although it seems a lot it's not really.

Unlike @blind-spot, I don't use public transportation since I'm relatively close to the center of my city, so I saved that money. The first thing on my list was 1/2 kilo of Spaguetti, 1 kilo of rice and 1 kilo of corn flour, and all this gave me a total of Bs 2,950.00 so I have Bs 5,238,595 left.

Diseño sin título.jpg

Then I walked to another store and saw that they had a good offer of cottage cheese and I bought half a kilo and paid Bs 1,167,000 and also bought a bar of body soap that cost me Bs 395,000 and in total for the soap and cheese I paid Bs 1,562,000 and then I stayed Bs 3,676,595.

Afterwards I went to a fruit and vegetable market to buy some old clothes, although in my country it is better to buy these items on Sundays, I prefer to buy them on Mondays or Tuesdays because I don't like to expose myself to the crowds due to the pandemic. What I was able to buy was: 1 paprika, 2 eggplants, 1 kilo of cabbage, 1 zucchini, some green onion which gave a total of Bs 870,000 and I also bought 600gr of chicken milanesa which cost Bs 2,100,000 and the total was Bs 2,970,000 and I still stay to continue buying Bs 706,595.

Since in my country all the basic supplies are over a million Bs, I don't have enough left to buy 1 toothpaste or 1 liter of edible oil that I needed to buy. So I decided to buy two pieces of cake at the bakery which each had a reserve of Bs 350,000 and for the two of them it was a total of Bs 700,000.

Diseño sin título 1.jpg

And although these purchases I made will not last me 1 week next since we are 2 people, at least I was able to buy something that can last us 3 days. Also, even though the Venezuelan economy is ruined and now all the stores are setting their prices in dollars I think that with $10 LEO you can still survive here, maybe you can't afford to do many things since you have to decide to buy really necessary things, if you generate $50 LEO in a week you can live a little bit peacefully since you can cover your basic needs but without going out to have fun or buy additional things like clothes or appliances.

Diseño sin título 10.jpg

Some time ago I made an initiative about you being able to buy with $1 in your country and it was quite supported, from Mexico, Nigeria, UAE, USA, and Europe. This idea of sharing what you can do with $10 LEO in your country is not mine, I would love to know what you can do with the profits you generate in leo finance, to see what you do and how you perform in the fiat economy. I hope to see your participation, thank you very much for reading.

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That was an excelent post, man. Thanks for sharing it.

The only things I know about your country's situation is what I see in the media, and we all know it's not the most reliable source so it's really nice to see it coming from someone who's actually living it daily.

Also it's very nice to see that, despite everything, you manage to get by with Leo.

I'm new here and I don't know if I can generate 10 Leo yet, but as soon as I'm able, I'll share with the community what you can do with it in Brazil.

Friends thank you very much for your comment, sorry for the delay is that you see many problems with the internet yesterday.

And it is true, no one can tell the reality of a country better than its people, and well you will see that you can achieve more than just 10 $LEO.

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Oh MY! First of all, thanks for joining the initiative.

I am so glad that $leo can impact the lives of different people around the world in so many ways!
The inflation in Venezuela is one of the worst we have seen. But, the resilience and drive of the Venezuelan people is really mention worthy.

I believe this puts in perspective how each of us can influence people's life through content creation and curation. Awesome post, and thnaks for letting us into your life.

You are welcome my friend, for me it is an honor to participate in your excellent initiative that gave me the opportunity to do something informative.

Sorry for the delay, I have had many problems with the internet. I will always be attentive to the publications you make to see if I find another gem.

Best regards.

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Thank you for sharing this post.

This is the type of stuff we need to see to know that this place is making a difference.

Hope this helps some.

Keep contributing to the community.

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You are welcome, but rather, thank you for all the support you provide to the community.

Sorry for the delay, the internet has been against me, but I will gladly continue to help the community with my content, this helps me to strengthen myself more.

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Bro, excelentes tus imágenes, y muy informativa tu publicación, creo que esto podría ser de mucha ayuda para personas que utilizan Hive como fuente de ingresos y no como inversión, y les aliente a unirse a LeoFinance.

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Muchas gracias amigo, espero seguir siendo de ayuda, y las imagenes yo he usado canvas para hacerlas.

saludos y muchas gracais por comentar.

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Wow, that is pretty crazy! I think that 10 LEO in the US would maybe get you a sandwich or something like that. It depends on where you go. It would be about $5. I might have to do one of these posts as some point. I am glad you were able to get some food to get you through. It sucks what they are doing to the economies all over the world.

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A sandwich? wow, well although here with $5 you can also buy a more complete breakfast, but I will also do soon what can be done with 10 LEO but in relation to entertainment or another topic as you say.

Thank you very much for commenting and sorry for taking so long to reply, the internet doesn't help me.


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No worries. Yeah, 10 Leo doesn't buy you much in terms of entertainment here. I think a movie ticket is closer to $15 or $20 these days!

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This was awesome mate. I am also Venezuelan and hopefully, I will be able to one day share my experience surviving in this hellish country using $LEO.

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Do it, we'll like to see this situation from your view point.

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Such a great and inspiring post, @fabian98.

Well done!

Some time ago I made an initiative about you being able to buy with $1 in your country and it was quite supported, from Mexico, Nigeria, UAE, USA, and Europe.

Brazil was not remembered? Haha!

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Hahaha sorry man i forgot it hahaha.

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Saludos desde España! Me alegro de que con esto consigues algo provechoso para tu vida diaria. Sigue publicando!!!

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Greetings, and thank you.

I hope you can do it from your point of view.

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This is great, Leofinance is helping people live! Anyone here with authentic good posts can at least make 10$ on a post!
Amazing, thanks for sharing, I'll be mentioning you in my next post!

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Hey! totally appreciated, but remember this is a symbiosis and without the curators we can't have those great votes, mention them too.

Thanks for commenting.

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Totally agree!
My mistake! Will edit this!

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and the best thing is that your 10 LEO post earned you over 80 leo

thanks to this amazing community. I live in Switzerland and just bought 1 bottle of Cola and one of FANTA for over that amount...

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I'm in South Africa and 10 leo isn't going to get you much here either! Maybe a 2McDonald’s meals or a couple of snacks! Or a quarter tank of petrol which isn’t bad at all but other than that not much I could think of that would make sense to spend on

Well, here if it is imported it will probably cost the same as there.

And wow I can't believe it myself, I am very grateful to everyone who will support either with votes or comments.

Thanks for telling me what can be done in switzerland, at least I know that I will need much more than 10 leos to go there hahaha.

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The prices you quote are nuts why do they still price things In bolivAr in many countries in Africa they jusy give up and price things in USD because the currency is a waste of tien

If the same thing happens here, traders don't like the BS and as it loses value twice a day, dollarization is accelerating.

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This is such an interesting post! As someone new to Crypto I'm very interested in the different ways it can impact users, and so it's great reading about how people are actually using it to impact their daily lives. It's also really interesting reading about another country in general and seeing what kind of goods are available and at what prices (or maybe I'm just a little weird for finding that interesting). A really well written post that I really enjoyed reading!

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I was going to make a comment on how in the UK you could afford a coffee, but then I remembered the bus fare would take it all.

That's one of the things I love about crypto. I learned from noise.cash that the $1 that I shrug at, can feed someone in the Philippines for a day.

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