Once more into the pool to potentially change your life

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We are at WLEO V2

This time I am putting in a little less than before due to the fact that the compensation we got from the hack was mostly in LEO and I powered up a bit for manual curation.
All in all, I would say that 5000 LEO and 2.2 Eth is nothing to sneeze at.

My faith in the Leofinance project is strong.

Total LEO assets
5000 Wleo / 2.2 ETH
259.8 LEOM / 48.33 LEOMM (in felander.leo)
2430 LEO

Screen Shot 20201112 at 20.48.57.png

This all adds up to close to 3000 USD and this is getting to be a nice amount. In some countries, this is a life-saving amount.
This project is providing me with about 1 USD per day in revenue and all of this is from participating in this amazing community.

1 USD a day is a salary in some countries and all you need is a phone to participate...

So here is my calling to you out there...

share your stories. Even if you do not think you have any financial knowledge you can:

  • learn, read and comment (which gets rewarded)
  • share how you are overcoming financial hardships
  • share how crypto works in your part of the world
  • Share your road to financial literacy
  • Share how you helped others find this platform
  • ...

participate and earn. The only thing I would advise is to try and save some of it and not just exchange all you earn to spend it.
You need money to make more money...

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You need money to make more money...

Exactly. That's why I don't plan on selling my LEO too soon. I also agree on the fact that almost anyone can make money on LEO. You don't have to be the best financial analyst or the best blogger. You can just read and share you comments and still earn decent.
Haven't jumped into the WLEO pool yet.

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I wouldnt be surprised if there are many who are making more money off comments (in LEO) than they are on their blog posts.

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I know how you know that 😉

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Quite right, where I'm from 3k is a big deal.

When I don't think I have enough to write, I go around making comments, most times, I get inspired to write a post through them. I try to tell people this. There's a chance here, a live one.

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There's a chance here, a live one.

good on you for taking it and hopefully convincing others to do the same...

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It takes a bit of motivation at times.

However, the payoff is certainly there. For me, this is where the idea of something bigger comes into play. It is not about us as individuals but collectively.

We are all in this together.

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Oh, and $1 a day, that is tasty!

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and that is at these prices... 10x and we are paying your rent

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$10 a day, $300 month, that is my rent! Bang on near enough.

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When I don't have any ETH to swap or buy wLEO, I will just earn LEO by reading, commenting and blogging.

Glad to see your assets!

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well you could just take your leo and swap to wLEO and then swap half to eth

but you would need a decent amount to ignore the fees (which were not to bad when I pooled)

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Everyone has something to share about financial matters since we all live in a world which has a monetary system.

Let us all do our part to make this place grow.

And congratulations on your entry into the LP. It should throw each person some nice returns over time.

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all my leo income pillars are long term... but at least 2 of them are passive and giving me income when I sleep.

This community is growing and welcoming... we will do fine

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I'm thinking EXACTLY the same amount - 5K, but I'm going to have to wait another 7 days for PD part 2 unless I get my WLEO 1 compensation back tomorrow, I'm still waiting!

I think you deserve a 100 LEO reward just for the pool photo.

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well, maybe @onealpha will pass by :-)

but yea I really like the pic as well

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You don't need 1A - just everyone else!

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Oh, and I'm really gaming the comments game here - fees? how were the fees? Discord earlier was saying they were insane ATM.

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They were okay. I think they fell throughout the day. I didnt get in really early on so I think I caught a break.

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