7 Reasons To Invest In Cub Finance [Presentation]

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Everyone deserves access to Financial services with fast, secure and low cost transactions. With Decentralized Finance, you just need a mobile & a laptop to get the access of an array of Financial opportunities powered by Blockchain & Crypto. Cub Finance is a new DeFi platform created by Team @leofinance (led by @khaleelkazi) on Binance Smart Chain.

Thanks to the help of this community, I could personally learn a lot about DeFi since the inception of Cub Finance. I got lucky that I made my LeoFinance account just in time of the launch. I have invested a little amount of principal to test the waters since I am a new fish. Also, I am invested in other things but that's going to change soon. 😉 Since I have LEO & HIVE goals too, I am going to invest a percentage of my monthly income in Cub Finance. Every month my engine is fueled with compounding capital raising my investment bit by bit. That's my plan and I am comfortable with it.

Cub Finance is an amazing project, especially the community of Lions on its back. We have a powerful network of talented people coming from various parts of the world. Today, a new investor who might be wondering on how to take advantage of DeFi or how to get started with DeFi, Cub Finance can kick things off for them. I made this little presentation to simplify things for you. By the end of it, you will get the answer to your biggest question. Why Cub Finance? Let's start:










Why I Made This Presentation?

To participate in "Mr. Musk Contest" by @shortsegments & @empoderat. Please check the contest details here: https://leofinance.io/@shortsegments/dear-mr-musk-contest. This presentation will be shared on Twitter and Elon Musk's official Twitter account will be tagged. My twitter handle is @finguru6

If you liked it, kindly upvote, reblog and share it with your friends. It will help me to create cooler stuff while I drink my coffee purchased from my HIVEs, LEOs and CUBs. Haha!

Also, feel free to use this to promote CUB Finance on your social media profiles especially on Twitter. TAG ME please if you do!


  1. Cub Finance App: https://cubdefi.com/
  2. More Info on Cub Finance: https://docs.cubdefi.com/
  3. Leo Finance Flagship App: https://leofinance.io/
  4. HIVE Blockchain: https://hive.io/
  5. Leopedia: https://leopedia.io/
  6. Leo Finance Blog: https://leofinance.io/@leofinance
  7. Cub Finance Official Telegram: https://t.me/cubdefi

This is personal opinion and not a financial advice. Do your own research. Crypto is a risky investment.





I thought after spending hours on preparing this presentation, I would save myself from writing a blog. But this blog is over 445 words already and this stupid sentence is adding more to it. This section of the blog is just a joke, please stop wasting your time by reading it in full.
Oh you did, already. 😆

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Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Woooaaahhh! Thank you so much @onealfa.leo 🐋 for dropping by your curation Bomb. You made my day. This took me a lot of time to create but in the end it was worth it. Will keep on creating such content on LeoFinance & Hive, educating and informing people in the process. Cheers!!! 🤩

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the only reason that gives me security is the team of developers that is behind the platform and maintain it in the long term!

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Yes @exxy, that's the best part about Cub Finance. An experienced team with a great track record of crypto development. I am excited about what they are going to do next.

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Nicely done! This looks very professional. You hit all the highlights and used a lot of "pictures" so us optically challenged people can save our eyesight. lol The future continues to look very bright and posts like this will go a long way towards making sure others see that as well.

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Thank you so much @dagger212. 😬 I am glad I could be of some help. My intention behind creating it is to highlight why Cub Finance is a great Project and why anyone should care about investing in it.

More of such posts are coming, please keep supporting. Cheers!

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I love your way of presenting things! Very clear.
CUBDeFi is an awesome project 👏🦁

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Thank you so much @crazy-unicorn. Glad you liked it. I want to fill this gap that exists on Hive. People use a lot of text to explain things. Simple text is plain & boring for most people out there. Add colors, graphics and pictures to make it more interesting and easy to understand.

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Hi, although I don't speak English, it hasn't been a problem to enjoy your publication and take part of your enthusiasm for this project. Although I have little time in @leofinance, I always find something new or interesting that catches you and CUB is one of them, I keep learning and understanding it. Thanks for sharing.

Hola aunque no manejo el ingles no ha sido un problema para disfrutar de tu publicacion y tomar parte de tu entusiasmo por este proyecto. Aunque tengo poco tiempo en @leofinance, siempre encuentro algo nuevo o interesante que te atrapa y CUB es uno de ellos, lo sigo aprendiendo y entendiendo. Gracias por compartir.

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Thank you so much @fragozar01. It really means a lot to me!!! Really glad that you like my work & it helped you in some way. Also, I am blown away by this community. CUB, LEO & HIVE are there tokens I am most invested in.

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Well-designed and engaging! CUB's to outer space and beyond!

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Thank you so much @bagofincome. :)) Glad you liked it.

CUB 🚀🚀

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How could I not? :))

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CUB truly feels like a second chance at a BTC miracle that ETH and all its shitcoins never were for me.

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True. Since we are early movers, we are bound to get its advantage. Let's hope for the best.

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Damn good post.
The Winner of my Mr Elon Musk contest, good graphics and content.
Your Leo is on the way.

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Thank you so much @shortsegments. Glad you really liked it. Yayyy!!! I WIN. 😍

Thanks for the post, I've been really curious about Cub finance, there is more I need to learn but this was very helpful

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You are most welcome @jaxsonmurph. Checkout docs.cubdefi.com ! It's a cool place to get started with Cub Finance.

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I certainly will Thanks @finguru

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Perfect. All the best!

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Thanks dude

That will be a good power point
for presentation. That will be something big
if Elon answered and ask people to buy
Now lions will say "I told you so"

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Thank you so much @pouchon. I am not even sure if Elon Musk is going to reply until I try this. Maybe someone else will notice #HIVE.

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Great to see full-stack DeFi increasingly move away from Ethereum's high fees and congestion. Nothing against Ethereum, but the entire crypto community becomes stronger through greater decentralisation!

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That's true, more decentralization means better opportunities for everyone. I hope ETH Devs will solve their High Gas Fees problem. Otherwise, new platforms will keep on coming and start competing in the space, which is a great thing anyway.

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this is a nice presentation. it encapsulates everything I love about this project. i believe so much in cubdefi, the team and the community. There is so much to look at for in the nearest future

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Thank you so much @nonsowrites! CubDefi is an awesome Project and $CUB is so valuable! Stack them all.

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I can't unagree with you !
I also learned everything I know about DeFi thanks to CubDefi and Leo, and I found that Buying CUB at $2 was everything but I bad idea.

I placed $140 and I'm sure this will be a huge win for me !

Congratulation for Toruk's Upvote !

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Thank you so much @ykretz. If you bought CUB at $2 then I think it's a great idea because in future, it is going to be so much more. I hope you are enjoying your yields so far.

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I bought $30 at $2 and 100 more USD at $2.8. if it only gets to $20/cub I'm already near the $1000 without counting the interests

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Yeppp. That's how Uniswap made its Airdrop beneficiaries RICH.

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Im working on it, I just really don’t understand bnb... at all

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All the best @bigtakosensei. You can start from here: https://docs.cubdefi.com/tutorials/how-to-download-and-setup-metamask

It's not tough. Just so many steps to be done for one time setup.

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Great article - makes me seriously go out and check out Cub Finance. Thank you. I'm new here and would greatly appreciate it if you'd give a look at my posted articles.

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Thank you so much @kevinnag58, please do checkout Cub Finance if you want to get started with DeFi. I will surely checkout your profile. Welcome to the blockchain of possibilities. :))

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