'Leo Market Talk' - Setting High Standards Of Engagement On Leo Finance

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The past week has been pretty crazy for me in terms of 'engagement' on the platform. I have done my best to engage with as many posts & comments made by other users. Apart from publishing 4 blogs, I did more than 400 comments in total from the Leo Finance front end. This is the reason why I hit the 4th spot in the last Leo Finance Engagement Report released by Asher (@abh12345). He releases this report every week which can provide you a decent idea of your activities on the platform.


I am not interested in the race at all, just want to either beat my previous week's engagement numbers or at least achieve my weekly goal. I have promised myself to do 250 comments per week on average, totaling 1000 in a month. If I am able to go higher than that, it's a bonus but anything lower is not acceptable to me. I am determined to do this month after month because I feel if you do not set goals then you are running here and there without any purpose and leaving a lot of things on your luck. There is one place that is really helping me to crush such numbers is @leomarkettalk. In this post, I will tell you its importance in my Leo Finance journey and how you can benefit from it as well. SO, let's dive in:

What Is Leo Market Talk?

Leo Market Talk is a daily chat thread initiative by @taskmaster4450le which is open 24x7x365. It was started to prepare for the upcoming #ProjectBlank (Twitter-like Application on Hive) from the Leo Finance team. One can posts charts, memes, trades, or anything else that comes to mind to boost the engagement rate on the platform.


Anyone who is using https://leofinance.io/ front end is welcome to join these free-flowing chats & contribute. Every day a new post is created which is valid for the next 24 hours and at the end of each day, a report is published by @amr008 which helps us to understand the amount of activity was generated inside and outside of @leomarkettalk.

Setting High Standards of Engagement

@leomarkettalk is crushing great numbers when it comes to engagement. It sets a daily target of the comments to be made and this helps all the members to try and achieve those numbers through their contributions. Below you can see the last week's stats (04-19-2021 to 04-25-2021) from @leo.stats report.


9 out of these 11 accounts are regulars on @leomarkettalk chat threads and they almost contribute on daily basis. Over a period of time, most of these people have learned how to start juicy conversations on the platform which adds value over time. @taskmaster4450le is setting new records every week followed by @jfang003 and others. In this last week, there were 9.5k comments in total out of which around 3.5k were made on Leo Market Talk daily chat threads. That's a massive contribution to SEO & engagement rate. Comments, especially on social media websites, help you to rank in that category on Google & other search engines since they indicate the amount of activity going on. It's safe to say Leo Market Talk is setting high standards of engagement and adding value to this platform on daily basis.

Engagement is vital for a platform to grow as it boosts the retention time and site's rank globally, locally & categorically (Finance & Social Media). It also increases the visit duration and bounce rate of the website which are highly important to improve those ranks.

3 Reasons Why You Should Join @Leomarkettalk

1. Juicy Conversations

We are on a social media platform, right? Engagement attracts people! Nobody would want to join a dead platform even if it pays to publish content. Without any real human interaction, you cannot become one of the best social media platforms out there and that's a fact. @hitmeasap made an amazing post on the value of making comments and why it is necessary for us to grow as a community. Leo Market Talk is giving us a stage within Leo Finance to interact with amazing people start juicy conversations. It helps you learn new stuff & make friends. Ultimately social media is all about having fun so that's what you are going to get there.

2. Engagement Rewards

Linear rewards are helping curators to see comments & posts as one. Hive where we have a convergent curve right now, they are also now moving to a similar rewards curve. Why? To boost engagement and making it more lucrative to upvote comments. On @leomarkettalk, we all support each other by rewarding amazing comments through upvotes. You can make real money with your contributions. Add value, receive value. It's as simple as that. Apart from that, there are Liquid rewards for people who engage the most. So try your luck and I am sure you won't be disappointed.

3. Visibility & Growth

As a newbie on Hive & Leo Finance, one faces this issue that is hard to crack for most people. When you are new, you don't know what to do exactly or where to start because nobody knows how good of a creator you are. Leo Market Talk is an awesome place to make yourself visible. If you are regularly posting on the daily threads, there is a good chance that other people will start to notice you. It happened with me yesterday when @sgt-dan checked out 3-4 of my latest posts and he even made comments on them. Isn't it cool?

Visibility is directly tied to your growth. Also, the rewards that you earn by chatting on the thread can give you enough push to grow your account. Everyone is so supportive and you can directly ask questions that can help you reduce the learning curve. I am telling you this from personal experience because I learn a new thing every day.

4. Latest News & Posts (Bonus Point)

Apart from all of the above reasons, one can learn about the latest news about crypto, blockchain, Tech & Beyond. We also share other Leo Finance/Hive posts that are interesting and add value to the whole ecosystem. It helps us to find amazing creators & reward them for their effort.


If you get the above comment under your LeoFinance posts, you have been found by one of the @leomarkettalk members and the post has been shared with everyone. So join in and share what you have found on & off-chain that is worthy of having a discussion.

I hope that now you understand the value of engagement and how @leomarkettalk is leading it forward on Leo Finance. Commenting is undoubtedly the best game you can play to grow your account. And LMT is the best place to get started. I promise you, within a week you can observe that growth in terms of rewards & knowledge if you try hard enough. Just don't expect anything and do your best, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

If you liked this post, please make sure to checkout @leomarkettalk and I will see you there. Kindly upvote to support me and reblog/share this with everyone who could find this useful. Cheers!





No financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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I think you summed it up well enough. I think one thing you didn't mention was that you get to learn about the latest news and great posts.

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Jeeez. That's one of the most important aspects of @leomarkettalk. Thank you @jfang003 for pointing this out.

Thank Devs, we can edit these posts. 😂

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A terrific write up about it.

One of the other ideas is that it is a Reddit-style place where one can share links, videos, and other things as opposed to always focusing upon long form content.

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Thanks a lot @taskmaster4450le, Not everyone likes to create long form content all the time. There are many days when I cannot post but I still want to contribute somehow or interact with peeps.

@leomarkettalk is a perfect place for those who are familiar with Reddit or Forums.

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It really is. That is the idea.

Not everyone is a blogger and that is what Leofinance is. However, anyone can comment. To get the habit in people, that is what @leomarkettalk is all about.

The posting of links ala a Reddit style just came to me as a model idea. I hope it catches on.

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It is catching on T. I really enjoy sharing links on the daily thread. Great way to start a conversation. It helps to get a wider perspective on various different topics when people share their own opinions about them

Also, I get to find cool stuff & talented creators through other members.

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Great explanation of what LEO Market Talk is all about! Hopefully more folks come and keep us company. I personally like it because I am not big on creating long form content.

Maybe folks can get off of DISCORD and visit us! I just use DISCORD for notifications these days.

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Same here @sgt-dan. Although I like creating long-form content but can't do it every day. There are limits to it. While commenting is easier to do and follow.

The real conversation happens in the comment section.

Discord should only be used to discuss things privately and to have instant discussions. Sometimes I drop inside the channels to ask questions where I need a quick reply from the Project owners. Most of them don't check all of their comments on their posts while on discord, they tend to reply instantly. Plus, on discord no rewards for conversing with peeps. Lol.

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This is the way to build your account. Post, comment, vote. Curate. The numbers speak for themselves. And the ancillary benefits of engaging with others on this platform go far beyond dollars and tokens. The future is bright and it is there for the taking for anyone who wants it. Keep up the great work!!!

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You are absolutely right @dagger212. I get to learn more about different perspectives & cultures from all over the world. Never had such an opportunity on other social media platforms I used to only interact with our family and friends.

But here we get to talk to strangers coming from different backgrounds. It's invaluable IMO. Makes you more open-minded and knowledgeable.

Thank you so much for dropping by, really appreciate it.

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That's a very good description of what we are trying to achieve with Leo Market Talk.

I hope it attracts some more attention! Everyone is welcome fellas so make sure you drop by.

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Thank you so much my man. ✌️✌️

And YES, we would be really happy to see new faces to contribute to what we are doing. It will create value for all of us involved and for the platform.

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I have done my best to engage with as many posts & comments made by other users. Apart from publishing 4 blogs, I did more than 400 comments in total from the Leo Finance front end.

You ain't doing bad for yourself.
Sometimes it's not easy keeping p with engagement as I am still trying to keep with my job and other things.

Thank you for listing out the importance of engagement and @leomarkettalk
I will ensure I do not miss out the next chat.
I want to be more visible as a newbie while I also expand my knowledge.

Thank you so much @fayour, I am trying only my best.

Sometimes it's not easy keeping p with engagement as I am still trying to keep with my job and other things.

I agree, for many peeps, giving out too much time to this place is not possible. We all have our lives to live. So do your best to engage with the community whenever you can.

You are most welcome to join @leomarkettalk anytime you want to. It is so fun and we would be happy to see you there.

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I will do my best to contribute my quota. Everything is achievable with discipline and commitment.

Everything is achievable with discipline and commitment.

100% correct. Just keep hustling @fayour

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Thank you for your encouragement. Keep up with the good work

You too @fayour. Have a great day ahead!

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wow... with this type of engagement in the @leomarkettalk, I can imagine how sweet it would be. Thanks man for bringing this to my notice. Hopefully I would join in the wonderful engagement.

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Cheers man! I am glad that I could help. Please join in whenever you can and start interacting with the group. Everyone is so supportive and they will make you feel at home.

Don't hesitate, just do it bro! You are most welcome. 🙏✌️

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Awesome write up. I like that it highlights all the benefits of joining the leonarkettalk.

I've joined a few times and it's really interesting and fun place to be. I've learnt quite a few things from the conversations on there.

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Thanks, @blezyn. I make sure to visit the place at least once every day and it surely helped me to up my commenting game. Please do join whenever you can. ;)

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Its a fantastic writeup about leomarkettalk. I have already re-blogged your post. I would certainly like to join this chat. Would be happy to learn the new things

Posted via proofofbrain.io

That's awesome @coffeelovers, thanks for the reblog, appreciate it.

Please hop in on @leomarkettalk and check the thread under their latest post. Once you are there, you will see a lot of top-level comments and you can join any of those conversations or start a new one altogether.

Most welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Thanks for being that active.

I am trying my best @goldrooster.

Really like this place a lot. ✌️✌️

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