Shark Tank's Barbara Prefers To Invest In Real Estate, Not In Crypto!

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We have already seen Kevin O'leary (Shark Tank Fame) putting 3% of his portfolio in Bitcoin & Ethereum after criticizing crypto for years. We have also seen Mark Cuban going all into crypto, using it to sell merchandise & tickets for his NBA team Dallas Mavericks. Recently in a podcast interview, he compared DeFi Success with the early days of the Internet. Two years back, he used to diss Bitcoin & Crypto and even asked other investors to proceed with caution. Crypto has turned these people from critics to advocates and I am sure more people from their clan will realize it sooner or later.


Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran, the entrepreneur who turned a $1,000 loan into a billion-dollar real estate empire, says she will get rich by investing in real estate, not cryptocurrencies. The American investor takes every extra dime she has and puts it in real estate, emphasizing that she will get rich nice and slow this way.

Barbara C. is a Multi-Millionaire, Real Estate Entrepreneur from the United States of America. In a recent interview with TMZ, she was asked whether she would be interested to get involved in Crypto is quite hot right now. Like any other traditional investor, she answered a big "NO" to this question. She mentioned that she was confronted by many smart businessmen who would want her to join the crypto boat but she's not interested at all. She's putting all of her money into Real Estate to get rich slowly.

According to her, this is still majorly a buyer's market and one needs to look at the right place. But investors need to hurry because this might change by the end of the summer season. She also mentioned that the crypto market is so volatile and according to her more people are losing money than actually making it.

Problems With Real Estate Industry

Although Barbara might be right that this is a buyer's market and one can get great deals, but the major issue with Real Estate is the entry barrier. Also, most people cannot afford to buy outside their local area. While on the other hand, investing in Crypto is easy and because of its digital & pseudonymous nature, you just need a phone & an internet connection. That's it! I have personally tried my hands with buying property in my country and it's very difficult to put your money into something which you haven't seen physically. There are many parameters you will have to see to judge the worth of a property. Also, you need a good amount of capital to get started.

Crypto is a positive-sum game and one does not have to lose to make someone else win. Real estate has traditionally been one of the most desirable options for serious investors and to date it is. But it's not for everyone.

Do you think Barbara will change his stance like Kevin & Mark? I think she will, in due time. All traditional investors will have to otherwise they will be left behind. We have already seen the wave of new millionaires & billionaires coming from crypto space. You cannot ignore it anymore!



No financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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Like I always say, the future is here already with blockchain and crypto. Very soon, Barbara Corcoran will join the train. Could be she is still carrying out her research.

Investing in real estate is not easy like it is with cryptocurrency. There are a lot of factors that come into play before you can acquire a property. Things are changing and I know Barbara C. would not want to be left behind. 🙂.

Exactly @kemmyb, real estate is not for everyone but crypto is. The coinbase founder has become one of the top Billionaires in the world in a matter of few years. All millionaires should look at this space with open mind to how they can contribute & get immense benefits.

properties will soon be managed with crypto

I also see that happening very soon. Would love to buy a piece of land with my crypto. ;)

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I think crypto and real estate are completely different games. Both can bring huge opportunities, but expertise in one doesn't necessarily mean an edge in the other. Not sure if she'll change her opinion, especially as long as real estate works for her.

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Makes sense @minus-pi. Maybe in the future she would find a use-case of crypto that serves the real estate market. Probably then she would show some interest.

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property ownership tracking would be a perfect blockchain application - let's see if this or other use cases will get picked up... :)

I think they will change over time as crypto becomes more part of our lives. Most of us didn't expect the internet or cellphones to take off and replace what we considered the norm.

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Yes @jfang003, that's true. New tech is often discarded at first until enough people start realizing its worth.

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3d printed housing=cheap and low cost property

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That's true. In fact, you can buy Digital Real Estate with crypto. :P

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Traditional investors vs new age investors.. I would love to see the outcome in the next 7 years

Same here buddy. It's going to be fun. All traditional investors will feel left out in a few years if they do not learn about this new tech.

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Do you think that in 5 years time, social media apps like Instagram and Facebook would begin to have a token reward system like we do on the hive blog

They might or they might not! But we are already miles ahead since it is very difficult to tokenize the existing social media systems. What do you think bro?

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I think it's possible and very feasible.. I think that all it would take would be to design a token that can be used to traden for cash.. I think that the major problem will however come from the economics of it's going to take a lot of investment from Facebook for example to be able to design a token and build it up to something that has value.. so the cost of doing it is were I think a lot of people are going to be discouraged

The problem with FB is that it is a centralized system and to launch a crypto that has all the values and features of Decentralization, is quite difficult imo. Obviously they have the money to fund the development but they need to think about ways to give back to the community not take from them.

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