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Two weeks ago, I was at a point where I decided to post daily for a week or so just to see how it affects my growth on the platform. Luckily, I won this cool curation contest run by @Cflclosers at the same time which only helped me pursue what I thought of doing. @Onealfa.leo being a gracious whale on Leo, offered his support towards the winners. There were 10 winners in total who won the following:

The 10 Winners below will receive one 100% vote value from my two accounts @cfclosers & @tulwave each day for one week starting from 4/12 till 4/19.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, @onealfa.leo has announced that he will be delegating 20,000 Leo to my account for 1 week which will increase the votes you are receiving to a combined 25,100 LP. Now that is some real Leo to get you going.

One Eventful Week

This was one of the most eventful weeks of 2021 for me, for good or bad, doesn't matter. So many things happened on a personal level & achieved a few milestones too especially on Leo & Hive.


  1. Even though I got hit by Covid in the middle of this week, I was able to post every single day. In fact I made 9 posts in a row until Covid actually broke my streak. Not bad!
  2. In total I got upvotes worth 102 LEOs & 94 HIVE approximately. Powered up all LEO rewards I got and used my liquid Hive Rewards to buy more LEO & other HE tokens. That's what I have done since the start. Will keep on doing this at least for the next one year to set a strong base. I am in no hurry of cashing out like the usual newbie sentiment on Hive.
  3. The most important thing was the number of comments I got on my posts - 73 in total. In response to these I did at least 73 more, so in total there were more than 140 comments done on my posts during the week. That's a lot for a new account like mine. Engagement is very important for me because it only proves the worth of my work and at the same time adding more value to the platform. Guess what, I made some friends and gained a few followers too.
  4. I also hit a mark of 500 LP in the same week. Right now sitting at 700+ LP Stronk. 😎

This one week made me learn so much about this awesome platform & I cannot get enough of it. Covid made me realize the importance of passive income & one must gather enough assets that provide you financial independence so that you can support your friends & family in time of need. Crypto space is pandemic proof & DeFi can change lives for good. It offers an ample amount of opportunities for everyone without discrimination. Blockchain-based social media is the future where you can actually get paid for your activity and one must hop on to this boat as early as possible. The Learning Continues!


I want to take this opportunity to thank both @Cflclosers & @Onealfa.leo for their support. It really helped me push my boundaries and I can see steady growth in my Leo & Hive Journey. Without your support, it would have been slow as fish. 😁😁 Looking forward to more of such opportunities offered by you guys. Please keep them coming!

PS - Sorry for doing this post a little late since I was busy dealing with personal stuff.

I also want to thank all the people I have interacted with on this platform so far. You guys are simply amazing! I feel this is a great place to collaborate & BUIDL cool stuff and everyone is so supportive. Striving to do my best to add more value through my content. I am a creative person and all of you guys are only boosting my confidence to do more & more every single day.

Importance of Contests

This section is for the newbies! I cannot stress enough how important contests are. They help you with two important things:

  1. Visibility
  2. Growth

Without a doubt, participating in contests is a 'win' even if you don't actually win them. Why? Because it helps you learn something new, always. You get the chance to engage with other participants and the contest host. There is a good chance to get some upvotes and if by any chance you do win, that's a cherry on the cake. Most of these contests on Hive & Leo come with a reward that can be very beneficial for the growth of your account. Take clues from this post and judge yourselves. I gained a lot from this contest alone. Just imagine if you participate in 5 or 10.

Visibility is a major issue for newbies and contests can help you solve that problem. Telling from my personal experience, they have helped me to put myself in front of multiple eyeballs. It's crazy!


So, go out there and search for tags like #Contest or #Challenge or #Giveaway to get started. Wish you all the luck :)

If you liked this post, consider upvoting & reblogging. See you in the comment section, would love to know about your personal experiences with any of the contest or challenge you have participated in. Cheers!



No financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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That's awesome. Thanks for the shoutout. You are the exact reason I wanted to do this so badly. I will keep up with the votes but unfortunately I no longer have the delegation which made it so profitable for you. I'll do the best I can though

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Thank you so much @cflclosers, it means a lot to me. Doesn't matter you have the delegation or not since every bit counts. Your recognition of my efforts matters more. :))

Please keep hosting such contests whenever you can, they might help someone like me.

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Hope you're well and my respect to you for sticking with it even when hit with covid. Do take some time to recover if needed, health is more important than anything! Financial health can wait a day or two, I imagine you already have some passive drip going ;-)

My experience with contest is indeed that it's a good kickstarter, especially when you don't know what to do or write about and haven't really engaged with anyone. Once you have some interactions going the first few comments of the day come naturally as you'll be replying to some messages you got. I was fortunate enough to win some contests here and there which is a nice plus!

But really just engaging and learning will help you forward a lot.

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Thank you so much man for your concern. Fortunately, I did not get any major symptoms and it had a mild effect on me. I have most probably recovered fully so now supporting my other family members to do the same.

You are right, I already have some passive drips going but it's not substantial. 😅 Always want more.

But really just engaging and learning will help you forward a lot.

This is 💯% correct. Participating in Contests is just a means to do these. I always follow other participants if I like their content and interact with them on their future posts.

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Glad to hear :-) Staying active and letting the compounding do its magic will eventually turn it into something more than substantial I'm convinced. Just takes some time and dedication.

What are your favorite contests right now? I like the daily Not-a-lottery by @tgd-links guessing the leo price of that day.

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Just takes some time and dedication.

That's true @riandeuk. Your account grows exponentially, just keep hustling ;)

What are your favorite contests right now?

I don't follow contests as such. I take part as and when I see one, using the tags I mentioned above. I am there in OCD Discord & Smile Discord where they announce whenever they host a new one.

@lbi-token hosts regular contests every week similar to the one @tgd-links hosts. Do check them out.

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Yeah, i stumble upon some every now and again, fact that I won three in a row helped I guess, it helps me get that daily routine of participating there, leaving a comment and take it from there. Kind of getting into the habit of engaging and commenting daily.

I've seen the lbi one, just bought some more lbi tokens now, so many opportunities..

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Your publications were inspiring. I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into your post.
I pray for your quick recovery and stronger health for the future.

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Thank you so much for the compliment & the wishes @oadissin. Feels great that I could inspire you in some way.
I am feeling much better now and back to business. 👍

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Great job.

Another thing you did was get involved. I noticed your engagement picked up which allowed you to gain upvotes for your comments. Hopefully that fed into your weekly totals.

If you staked those tokens you are now that much further ahead of last week.

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Thanks a ton @taskmaster4450le. I have said it before and I will say it again, you and the folks at @leomarkettalk inspired & helped me in boosting my engagement on the platform. It attracted more users to my profile and helped me with visibility. The rewards that I got on my comments add up like crazy and I am trying to find a way to know how much I am earning from my comments. Maybe @amr008 could help. :P I am sure they contribute to a major chunk of my LP.

Btw I will be writing a separate post on the 'engagement' factor since it deserves one.

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Yeah sure I will get it for you as soon as I hop on to my laptop.

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You are a gem @amr008. Thanks a lot. Please don't do it if takes you a substantial amount of time. I understand that you must be busy with a lot of stuff.

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Looks like you are having a splendid time, illness excluded. Keep on pushing - the sky is the limit!

@tipu curate

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Thank you so much @ervin-lemark. I am definitely having a great time here, this place is amazing. Learning so much every day and building my account, bit by bit.

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Congratulations. I am a newbie and this post was very informative. Thank you very much

Since you are new, I would suggest, with your comments, try to make them a bit more engaging. It is best to get involved in a "conversational" manner.

Give the author something to reply to you with.

We look forward to seeing you here.

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It is best to get involved in a "conversational" manner.

#TipOfTheDay 😎

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Most of my comments have not been engaging. I will do better.
Sometimes I don't fully understand the message the writer is trying to convey.
It's been a challenge.

It's ok to not understand everything, nobody understands it all! Just read the articles and ask yourself what part you'd like to know more about and try asking some questions, that way you'll learn a bit every time and you're engaging in a meaningful manner :-)

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I would do as you have advised.
Asking questions is a great way to learn, sometimes I shy away from it.
I will engage meaningfully, sharing ideas and opinions.
I believe by so doing, I will be increasing my knowledge about the subject matter.
We learn daily, no one is an expert.

sometimes I shy away from it

No worries, everyone does and you're not supposed to always react and ask questions. Just keep it in mind and ask when it feels natural and you're honestly wondering about something. good luck!

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Yes I will, thank you very much

Perfectttt!!! My job here is done. All the best with your Hive/Leo journey @fayour. Gave you a follow!!!

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Thank you. I will follow back.

Cool. Thank you. ✌

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Great job. Those earnings probably are way higher than what I got in that period and I found your posts to be very good. Especially those on presentations as it makes it easier to explain to beginners.

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Thanks a ton @jfang003, trying my best to maximize on every opportunity I find here. I have a knack for creating presentations, they look a lot better than simple plain text. It's time-consuming though. 😂

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Congrats on reaching some big goals!

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Thank you so much Rob! You have been an integral part of my Leo journey. Cheers!

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Bravo, Finguru! I am so happy for you. I know that you are an active user in Hive and I've seen you around so many times in the last 2 weeks.

It seems we are both winners today!


Haha Yes. Congratulations to us! 😎 I am also noticing that you are being very active and hopefully enjoying your journey here. Thank you so much for stopping by, keep coming. :))

Sending love & hugs. 💚💚

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For love and hugs and a good engagement, I might come by again. Sure!
I'm active but I could be even more active. know life. It demands its rights on different levels, personal, social, medical, etc...
I'm putting as much time as I can spare in Hive for now.

I understand. Life happens all the time! There is a limited number of things a single person can do.

Right now I have time to be here so I am giving my best. So that when I am not here, even then I make something with the base I set in the next few months.

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These are my thoughts too. I might need to go for recovery for a while and I will not be able to post, maybe curate yes, but not that often. So I want to do as much as I can this nowness


True. The time is here. The time is now!!!!
I need to stop procrastinating and get shit done.

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I had 3 hours of sleep and I am still Hiving. I Will stay a bit more, and then OFFFF. Have to get some things in order around here. Hihi! You take my place and be active meantime 😉

Awesome, grats with the curation contest! keep at it @finguru

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Thanks a ton @agr8buzz. Trying my best ✌

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You derserve this growth! (Not the Covid tho :/ )

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Haha. Thanks @crazy-unicorn. 🤩

Covid can go fuck itself!

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Congratulations, every success to you!

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Thank you so much @anacristinasilva!!! You too.

Well said and I think it applies to life in general. The 'luckiest' people I know take part in the most contests.

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The 'luckiest' people I know take part in the most contests.

These are golden words buddy!!!
It's simple maths (Probability). Increase your chances to win by increasing your participation.

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