What Would I Do With $50K Airdrop & 100K Hive Power?

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Before you get all excited about me getting a $50K worth of Airdrop, please stop! This post is an entry to the contest by @starstrings01. He had a fake $50K Airdrop experience which led him to the idea behind the contest. Too bad for him, great for us. 😁 Sorry bro, next time!

To participate, we need to answer these two questions:


First of all, if such things would happen to me, my first reaction would be to hit myself in the face, just to make sure if I am not dreaming. The world is a shitty place, there are so many crypto scams going on, you cannot be too sure about anything. Because I never heard someone making $50K through a free airdrop on day one. I can imagine the price of coins rise as the projects grow and those free tokens might be worth $50K in the future. But not on the first day!


So, if by any chance it happens to me in reality, I would take my own time and flex my brain into finding ways to grow this investment into a much larger sum in the upcoming years. Now, let me answer both of the above questions one by one.

What Would You Do With An Airdrop of $50K?

$50K is a life-changing amount. At least in my country, it is! There is so much you can do with it. While 99% of people getting the airdrop would simply spend the major part of it, I, on the other hand, will try to see how to make it 3x, 4x, or even 5x. It is very important for me to build assets that could help me become financially stable and free in the long run. I will use the airdropped coins in the following manner:

  1. I will keep half of the coins (worth $25k) locked in my wallet for 3 years at least or until the value hits 5x of the current price, whichever comes earlier. I will do this ONLY if the project associated with the coin ace two important aspects - (a) Uniqueness & (b) Creativity. Apart from this, I will do a detailed fundamental analysis of the project wherein I would look at the market cap of the coin, history of the project, liquidity & its volume on the exchanges, and other important parameters which could help me decide if it's worth it or not.

  2. I will sell the rest of the coins for $25K and invest in HIVE at the current price ($0.6). So, as per calculations, I will get around 41.6K HIVE. Will power up 10K & keep liquid 10K available, just in case. Rest 21.6K will be invested into the following Hive-Engine Tokens - LEO, BRO, DHEDGE, INDEX, LBI, UTOPIS.

  3. In case I decide not to keep the original Coin at all, then I will buy $50K worth of $HIVE. So now I will have 83.2K HIVE in my wallet. This time I will power up 20K & keep liquid 20K available with me. Rest 43.2K will be invested into the same HE Tokens listed in #2.


How My Investment Would Look Like In 3 years

Let's just say, on average all of my investments in HIVE & HE Tokens grow by 3x in 3 years. My initial $50K investment would be $150K. BRO, DHEDGE, INDEX, LBI, UTOPIS - Don't forget that these tokens are giving out dividends daily or weekly with APRs ranging from 5% to 20$. Please also consider that I would also be curating through my HIVE & LEO powers and creating content too. You cannot calculate how much of that I will be actually doing but I will definitely try my best. All of that combined would likely raise my investments 10 folds. It's safe to say that through HIVE, we have the potential to create half a million-dollar pot with just $50K. There is no limit to what you can make from it!

What Would You Do With A 100K HP Gift?

At current prices, 100K HP would give out $4 upvotes. So for every upvote I give, I get around $2 back as curation rewards. If the price stays around $0.6 per HIVE then I have a chance to earn $40 every day through curation (20 upvotes/day). I hope you are doing the calculations with me. It's mind - boggling!

Sensible Curation = Maximize Rewards

To maximize your curation rewards, you need to curate content that is high quality. You can also support projects/communities like, @aliento by @eddiespino & @grisvisa, which are doing awesome work on Hive and growing rapidly. So I would do just that because such posts will get other big upvotes from the community, thereby, increasing curation rewards for everyone.


With this much Hive Power, you can do so much like delegate a portion to a curation project like @ocd by @acidyo to get a share of curation rewards in liquid HIVE. Again, APRs are amazing! In my case, I would delegate half of it to @leo.voter to get Liquid LEO every day in my account.

Community Grows Your Investment

I would also delegate a portion of my 100k HP to projects I believe in irrespective of the fact whether I would get Dividends or not. Community building is an important part of the growth of this platform. If people around you make money, you will eventually make money directly or indirectly.


For ex: If you support Project A through your delegation and they did good in 3 years time, they brought in more users, more investments to the platform, then the price of HIVE will rise eventually. Through constant development, support & collaboration growth is imminent. So I will use my HP to aid community-building activities which will, in turn, nurture my investment over time.

That's it folks! This is what I cooked up and I am sure when this happens, I will act according to the situation. But if I get that $50K Airdrop and 100K HP in my wallet, this would be my reaction. What about you? Let me know in the comments!





No financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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Lolll... The point you made is crystal clear to everybody but we would always like to convince ourself that there is a possibility of even making far more than $50,000 in an Airdrop. Lolll

That notwithstanding, we just need to be careful.

You have a well detailed plan about how you plan to use your share of the airdrop. the uniqueness of a project is always very important when deciding whether to invest in it long-term or not. Hive is doing well and everyone of us knows that it still has a whole lot of prospect.

I also like your idea of investing in the other hive engine tokens. It never hurts to invest in a reasonable project. Well Done

Thanks for participating in this contest

Thanks a ton @kenechukwu97, $50K is a very big amount and you can turn that into a very very big amount if you plan your investments well. I wish I had that kind of money to invest in crypto, I would have been a millionaire in 2-3 years. No problem, 5-6 years it is. :D

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Ah, I must say your plans for the airdrop and Hive power are well thought out and brilliant! I'm not much of a mathematician but your calculations make much sense and would definitely yield the results you predicted, IF only you got the airdrop!

So I will use my HP to aid community-building activities which will, in turn, nurture my investment over time.

Smart! Hive is all about community. I like that your investments would be based on acquiring more Hive and investing in Hive engine tokens.

How about any of the major coins and altcoins? I would invest in them, if I got these sums. 🙂. Good luck in the contest!

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Haha. Thank you so much @kemmyb for your wonderful comment, I tried my best to utilize the $50K Airdrop I never got. :D

IF only you got the airdrop!

That 'IF' hurts a little too much. :( Wish it were a reality.

How about any of the major coins and altcoins?

For sure, but I am already invested in them so that's why I mentioned only Hive & Hive based tokens. They are quite new and investing them early on can be very beneficial in the long run.

Btw I gave you a follow. Cheers!

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Hehehe, I tell you, the IF hurts me more cos I was daydreaming about it when I wrote my own entry! 😄

I'm glad you invested in major coins and altcoins already.

I'm looking into investing in Hive based tokens too because I believe in their future. Hopefully I'll find my way around the hive engine. Your response is appreciated. 🙂

LMAO. I was daydreaming too. For a moment it all felt so real. :(

I believe in their future.


Hopefully I'll find my way around the hive engine.

Let me know if you need any help! It's pretty easy to go through but sometimes laggy. 3s transactions feel like 8-10s sometimes.

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Thank you! I thought it was my device or something the day I tried to familiarize myself with the Hive engine site.

I was kinda discouraged and postponed my search till some other time. I'll be sure to let you know if I need help. Thanks 🙂

That's perfect, happy to help. Btw don't postpone this. Start early to benefit early!

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Quicker you make money the more quicker you lose it.

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Damn. This is genius

Golden words Nathan! Great things take time to build.

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True stuff.

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Wow, very interesting reading your post. The fact that you said you would keep half of the amount of the original coin depending on its uniqueness and creativity is very wise. I have failed to think about that in airdrops I have partook in.

Moreover the way you split how you would invest the remaining part of the money on Hive is amazing. Earning passively, through dividends is sweet and through curation rewards is sweeter.

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Hey @starstring01, thanks for dropping by, in fact I would hold a fraction of Airdropped crypto everytime unless they are pure crap as per my observation. You never know which coin will top the charts in terms of gains.

Earning passively, through dividends is sweet and through curation rewards is sweeter.

YES. :'D :'D

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👍... truth, one would never know...

It Al boils down to risk management. There are alot of shitty projects that have a higher market cap than hive

That's true @elochuks. The ones I listed down in my blog are some of the great ones I feel. But DYOR, it's necessary.

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Yea DYOR number one rule for every trader

There are so many things to do with $50,000k that makes it looks almost not enough. A nice project at heart in investing some of it in hive and the other on other coin that has a promising future. A good budget

Haha. At one point I felt the same. But the potential is endless!!

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You're right, potential is endless, it stop being a potential if it ever ends.

Only you are standing between yourself & a half million dollars!

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But as for me am buying 60% btc 10% BNB 5% Hive and 25% other cryptos

Great choices there. I like BTC but I feel even if it's going to hit a million in 3 years, it's only a 16x raise from now. With the crypto I listed, it could be a lot higher in the similar time period.

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Must times when btc is pumping hard the price of altcoins is dumping hard so I guess I will also scrap more Alt at cheaper rate especially with fiat

That's a cool idea! Who knows one of those alts would become the next bitcoin. 😁😁

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nice plans, looks like you have been doing this for a very long time. all were all thought of I must confess I love your plan. investing in tokens that makes you earn just by holding is a really great investment choice and I must confess to being loving this idea too.

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That's so cool @lebey1. Glad you liked the plan bro!! 50k is a great amount to start investing and change your life for good.

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That's no lie.. totally agree with you

I would like to dedicate / delegate at least half of the amount the the @lightpainters community as HP so the vote would have more impact when supporting some Light Painting photography. That would be cool.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Wow man! Awesome idea. I am a fan of photography myself, will definitely check out the community. Gave you a follow!!!

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