If you can`t beat them join them? PayPal + BTC ?

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There are rumors floating through the internet that PayPal is stepping into the Cryptocurrency ring.



The rumors say PayPal will have a build in wallet to store your crypto and it is rumored that those services will be integrated within the next 3 months.


This would be huge as it would hopefully cheaper buy Crypto via PayPal as it is now.

It will bring a lot of exposure and liquidity to supported coins.

I am sure we will have "the coinbase" effect on new listings.



The more fintech companies are introducing crypto the better and faster we will be on our way to spread the good news of Bitcoin and friends.

Nobody likes to be the first or last so a heavy hitter like PayPal integrating BTC into their system would be a huge success for the whole Cryptospace and gives it more credibility for the untrained eye which focuses only on price movement and not what is being build.

My guess would be companies like PayPal don`t hop on the train if they would believe crypto is not here to stay.

Or they just noticed how much money Coinbase is earning and want a piece of that pie.

Whatever the motivation is, the more and the easier ways to turn fiat into crypto the better.

So those would be rumors I hope turn out true.

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I saw the news yesterday and was very excited. It is indeed good news and will be a good opportunity for many no join in.

That sounds cool

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Now that would be something, another fiat conduit and a well used one at that.

can’t trust paypal myself