Hive-as-a-Service to the Podcast Industry

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I just finished listening to the (bi)weekly Cryptomaniacs Podcast with @jongolson and @taskmaster4450. For this episode they had a special guest: @brianoflondon.

During the podcast, Brian presented how his backend application Podping is the way to upgrade to Podcasting 2.0, and away from centralized pinging services which are prone to (and already started to practice) censorship.


Brian seems to have the ear of a few influential people in the podcast industry, including on the backend of stuff.

The interesting part is that little by little they started to switch from classical services of checking podcast updates to his Hive app, Podping. By doing so they cut the costs significantly, from what I understood, and also benefit from the censorship-resistance aspect of Hive.

Ok, so these are the benefits to the podcasting industry. So far. But in extenso, there is the possibility to create a system of commenting on these podcasts, also on Hive.

What does Hive get from this?

Here are a few points that either have been brought in the discussion, or I inferred from it:

  • the interesting use case for Hive-as-a-service, even for industries not connected with blockchain or cryptosphere
  • publicity for Hive in the podcast industry (Brian presented a few clips where Hive was talked about, including for buying and powering up), at a very low cost, if we count the custom_jsons Podping app regularly broadcasts to the blockchain
  • from what Brian mentioned, a number of podcasting backend developers might become interested to explore Hive for other use cases, once they see PodPing

Speak Network could actually support podcasts as well, said Brian, it was tested, and it's just a matter of turning on or off an option. That brings the discussion to another level already, as now we would be talking about decentralized storage for podcasts. And Speak Network would be in the center of another still relevant industry.

I'm curious and excited to see what the attention the podcast industry will be giving Hive thanks to Brian will bring.

And that serves as an example. When you have something outside of cryptosphere actually connected to Hive and using it, others will look into it. And we can showcase it.

Brian has set up a proposal, which luckily gathered enough support to get funded. Here it is:

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What could eventually happen is that someone builds a frontend for podcasting using IPFS (SpkNetwork) to host the content. Then the fans of the podcast could seed it. At the same time, it would turn podcasting onto the POB system, whereby not only could comments take place, but upvoting as well. Couple this with a token and we have an entirely new era of podcasting.

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Yes indeed! I hope we're not putting too much pressure on the 3Speak guys and expectations from the SN. :) They've done a great job so far.

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I wouldnt think that is a problem. They are well aware of the enormous task before them.

They are creating an entirely new protocol which others can use. It is really a big deal and the excitement around it is warranted.

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Yep, they took a huge task upon themselves. If all stars align, their work will pay off many fold, and the material thing is only a small portion of it. Offering a truly decentralized and censorship-resistant option against the centralized video platforms is a much greater achievement.

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Glad to hear Podping is gaining some traction. I wonder how many other use cases are hidden in plain sight.

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Quite a few I think! I believe ideas is not what we are short of, what we lack is more great developers + designers to speed things up.

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And so it is, more real-life applications that are superior to the traditional.

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Yep, that's what brings progress and adoption at the same time. We need this badly, otherwise crypto will always be associated with speculation.

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Well in this year we are seeing the many uses that can be given to this technology, maybe this will be soon.

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That is a great development and opportunity for Hive, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

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